TEC StoryWalk #1

TEC StoryWalk #1

Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37130, United States

Created By: Max Farley

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TEC StoryWalk

This is a tour by Rutherford County Library System Technology Engagement Center staff to see if PocketSights will work as a viable platform for story walk programming.

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Once upon a time, there was a robin named CJ. CJ lived in a majestic oak tree, high in the branches, and all day long she would sing and play tag with her squirrel neighbors, Sam, Toby, and Josh.  
One day, while CJ was chasing her squirrel friends, a storm blew in from the Northeast. The storm carried CJ far, far away, to an unfamiliar place.
This place was full of trees that had no branches, and air that smelled foul.
CJ searched for her Oak tree and her squirrel neighbors among the unfamiliar trees, but the only neighbors CJ found when she alighted were mean old alley cats.
Day after day, CJ sighed and sang softly to herself, remembering the good times.
After some time passed, CJ decided to try and find a way home. Gathering her strength, she flew high into the air. As she rose above the unfamiliar place, CJ caught a glimpse of green...
It was her Oak tree! She knew how to fly home!
CJ flapped her wings excitedly and surged towards the place she belonged. She sang as she flew, knowing that very soon, she would nestle into her nest and see her friends again.


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