Along Came Nappanee

Along Came Nappanee explores the feud between Nappanee and Locke, businesses and people who moved to Nappanee and the buildings too!

Along Came Nappanee

Nappanee, Indiana 46550, United States

Created By: Nappanee Public Library

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Have you heard of Locke? Maybe you haven’t and maybe you have. When the B&O Railroad decided to bypass Locke and put the railroad in 3 miles south. Nappanee was the product that came out of that situation. Many businesses and people started to migrate from Locke to Nappanee. Along Came Nappanee explores the feud between Nappanee and Locke, businesses, and people who moved to Nappanee and the buildings too! Find out about early businesses in Nappanee. Learn more about the Nappanee and Locke feud. Did you know that they would write into Goshen and Wakarusa newspapers about how much they did not like each other or well just too really complain about each other? Locke fought hard to still thrive even though they were losing their population quickly to a young Nappanee. Find out more about this feud during the walking tour!

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Locke was platted December 20, 1865, and there were 47 lots laid out along with six streets. The 1881 Chapman's History of Elkhart County was the last to treat Locke as a village. It had a variety of stores including three dry good store... Read more
The building was originally built in Locke and was moved to Nappanee when people, businesses, and homes were migrating to Nappanee. It was a Meat Market at one time. It was owned by William Henry Best and his sons Otis and Wilbur. The marke... Read more
This building was built in Locke and moved to Nappanee.  A.T. Hostetler moved a building in 1875 from Locke to Nappanee and it became a dry goods store and it was run by Mr. J.C. Bailey. It was said to be the first dry goods store in Nappa... Read more
Originally built in Locke and moved to Nappanee, the building was torn down in 1963 when the B&B remodeled. The B&B opened in 1926. One can speculate what was in this building. It may have been William Miller’s tin shop. He had go... Read more
Nappanee was platted on December 12, 1874, by Daniel Metzler, John Culp, and Henry Stahly. This was just six days after the first train went through the area. Daniel Metzler and John Culp gave a total of five acres to the B&O Depot. Dan... Read more
Could the oldest family-owned jewelry store in the State of Indiana have started in Locke? We do know that the jewelry store started in Nappanee in 1880. The original site of the store was near the northeast corner of Main and Market Street... Read more
Jacob Walters came to Nappanee in 1881 and he brought not only his business with him from Locke but also his building. He started to move the building in June of that year and it is thought that his building may have gotten caught in the mu... Read more
Nappanee is an Indian name meaning "much flour". Daniel Metzler, first, selected the name Shawnee but another town on the railroad already had the name. He also talked about Danville. At the same time, a Locke delegation was busy coming up ... Read more
It all started when Locke was passed over by the Railroad. Business men of Locke recognized the need for railroad access. An agreement was reached between the B&O and Locke. Locke did some shady business, Locke promised to donate 5 acre... Read more
At one time the Hartman Brothers general store was one of the biggest general stores in Elkhart County. It was owned and managed by brothers Jacob, John, and Tobias. The store originally started in Hepton in 1871 with Jacob and their other... Read more
The first home was build in Nappanee in 1875. New Paris had written into the Goshen Democrat claiming that Locke's description of Nappanee excited New Paris. C.D. Volkman was so excited that he tore down his steel plow manufacturing estab... Read more
Imagine wooden buildings lining the streets. In 1875, Truex, Hartman, and Peddycord intended to build a block of stores on the southwest corner of Main Street as soon as the weather permitted. Will F. Peddycord started his drug business in ... Read more
The rivalry of Locke and Nappanee started in 1875 when people, businesses, and dwellings started to move to Nappanee. Nappanee and Locke would write into the local papers Goshen Times and Wakarusa Sun to complain about each other. This happ... Read more


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