Brooklyn Bridge Bike Tour

Discover the Brooklyn Bridge and the beautiful Brooklyn waterfront!

Brooklyn Bridge Bike Tour

New York, Manhattan, New York 10019, United States

Created By: Jane Liu

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In the past few decades, Brooklyn has undergone a dramatic transformation and is now home to tons of indie shops, galleries, and fascinating landmarks. With miles of shorefront, famous bridges, and parks, biking in and around Brooklyn is a fun thing to do! On this tour we’ll guide you safely along protected bike paths for a unique look at NYC's coolest borough!

This tour has a unique feature--it ends with a ferry ride from Red Hook, Brooklyn to lower Manhattan (near Wall Street). The fare is the same as a subway/bus ride + $1.00 for the bike. We do not recommend going on this bike tour before 6 AM or after 8 PM. Due to limited hours the ferry might not be running when you reach the end of the tour!

Audio clips are available and provide a more detailed description of each location.

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As part of the User Agreement, please watch this video first about biking safely in big cities ( We care about your safety and want to you have a fun and safe ride!

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What You'll See on the Tour

Welcome to the Brooklyn Bridge Bike Tour! This tour is approximately 5 miles long. The path across the bridge is divided into a bike lane on the left and pedestrian lane on the right. Please be aware that the bike lane is actually a two-wa... Read more
Welcome to the Brooklyn Bridge, one of NYC's most famous landmarks! The Brooklyn Bridge was built in 1870 to provide safe passage across the rough and freezing East River for Brooklyn residents who worked in Manhattan. On a clear day ... Read more
This road will split into two lanes up ahead. Let’s stay to the right of the fork and continue down the bike path.
In about 20 feet turn right on to Cadman Plaza East. The street is closed to cars but open to cyclists and pedestrians!
Welcome to the DUMBO neightborhood of Brooklyn! Please walk along the sidewalk down Washington Street towards Water Street. There is a great view up ahead!
This famous backdrop of DUMBO buildings and the Manhattan Bridge is popularly seen in movies and fashion magazines. After checking out the view let’s continue north towards the park. At the park we'll be able hop back on the bike! ...
This is one of several parks located along the Brooklyn waterfront. Let's bike along the path on the right and stay close to the water.
Welcome to the New York Harbor! This area used to be inhabited by a Native American group named the Lenape and later on was home to Dutch and British settlers. In about 50 feet we'll come across Pebble Beach on the right.
We've arrived at Pebble Beach! Check out the view of the Brooklyn Bridge. It's especially beautiful here at sunrise and sunset!
On your left is Empire Stores. The Brooklyn Historical Society is here along with a variety of great cafes and restaurants. When you're ready let's take the path to the right and continue along the river.
On the left is Jane's Carousel, an antique merry-go-round that was built in 1922 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company. It took almost 30 years to restore this carousel to its original state. Now it offers rides to kids of all ages!
Use the ramp to get on the sidewalk. Snacks and lunch spots: Luke's Lobster, Ample Hills ice cream, and Lizzmonade.
On your right there is an early 20th century sailboat named "Pilot". It now houses an oyster bar and restaurant!
Welcome to Red Hook! This is one of the oldest neighborhoods of NYC and was originally inhabited by Lenape Native Americans and later on by Dutch settlers in the 1600s.
Please check the ferry schedule posted near the ticketing machines to see departure times.  The ferry runs from Red Hook to Pier 11 in Manhattan (near Wall Street). There is another greenway at Pier 11 that follows the East River and Hudso... Read more


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