Walking Waterhoods: Temescal Creek - New Uplands

Walking Waterhoods: Temescal Creek - New Uplands

Oakland, California 94607, United States

Created By: Wholly H2O

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Enjoy this walk along Temescal Creek.

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This unnamed tributary flows through a Claremont neighborhood before dropping into a concrete culvert as it nears the highway. It drops underground to meet the main Temescal branch flowing along State Route 24 towards the Bay. Although it i... Read more
Great Horsetails, a species of Equisetum, are commonly found in damp shady places growing in clusters, perfect for the Temescal headwaters. The Giant horsetail is an herbaceous perennial plant. It has separate green photosynthetic sterile s... Read more
The Claremont Tunnel, built in 1929 and owned by EBMUD, is a 18,000-foot long tunnel that carries treated water from the eastern Orinda Filtration Plant, through the Berkely Hills, to three western distribution aqueducts located in and arou... Read more
A population boom on the eastern side of the hill in Orinda and Walnut Creek drove the desire for a highway connecting Contra Costa and Alameda counties. Engineers used the natural depression of Temescal Creek's main branch to build State R... Read more
Presley Way contains another exposed portion of the main branch of Temescal Creek. This culvert is the last place you are able to see it before it merges with the Harwood branch of the creek near Frog Park. Also in this picture are vines of... Read more
The western sword fern has a wide distribution, ranging from southeast Alaska to southern California. It is prefers to live in the understory, in cool dark places. It can be identified by its dark green color and single, pinnate frond. The ... Read more


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