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Penn's Public Art - Short Tour

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Come see the first 30 locations of public art on our Penn's campus.

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Tribute To Tuskegee

Located at: 20-22 39th Street - South Wall Gross Area (square feet): 48 feet by 34 feet Year Built: 2008 Marcus Akinlana is a New Orleans based architect for more information about him check out: ...
Blue Yonder Wander - Painted acrylic mural.

Located at: the North wall of Chestnut Hall power house, 3900 Chestnut Street Gross Area (square feet): 43 feet by 43 feet Year Built: 1986 Architect: Eoin Kinnarney ...
Plateau 2005

Located: 40th Street, between Walnut Street and Locust Walk Irregular shaped concrete and steel Gross Area (square feet): 10 feet by 160 feet by 15 feet Architect: Andrea Blum External Links: Penn Art Collection ...
Spring - 7 feet high Bronze Fountain

Located at: Schattner Building, Fonseca Garden Gross Area (square feet): 7 feet Year Built: 2004 Architect: Ulrich Pakker External Links: Penn Art Collection ...
Shongun XXII - Art

Located at: Evans Building Courtyard Painted, red brown. 1,500 pound sculpture Gross Area (square feet): 16 feet by 8 feet Year Built: 1978 Architect: Shaw (M.D.): Ernest External Links: Penn Art Collection ...

Located at: Locust Walk at 39th Street This painted Cor-ten steel sculpture is red Gross Area (square feet): 45 feet in height by 34 feet wide by 67 feet irregular depth. 5 major cylindrical units, 12 feet diameter sections. Year Built: 197... Read more
The Eight, Modern Discus Thrower, The Plunger

Located at: Pottruck Health & Fitness Center: 3701 Walnut Street The Eight: 1930. The shell was designed as a light fixture and its overall design resembles a barracuda with coxwain at the tail end'. 'McKenzie was said to have rendered ... Read more
Life Savers

Located at: Penn Veterinary Medicine at 39th StreetPenn Veterinary Medicine at 39th Street Painted plate steel: red, green, yellow, black. 1,200 pounds Gross Area (square feet): 120 inches by 90 inches by 96 inches Year Built: 1982 Architec... Read more
Homage To Georgia O'Keefe

Located at: Steinberg Conference Center Cast Bronze with Patina finish. 460 lbs. #1 of edition of 5. Cast at Empire Bronze Art Foundry, Long Island City, New York (Brian Ramnarine 718-361-3006). Dedicated May, 1989. Gross Area (square feet)... Read more
Charles Custis Harrison

Located at: Quadrangle Dormitories, Upper Quad. seated figure. circa 1910 through 1920 Gross Area (square feet): 64 inches by 40 inches by 52 inches Year Built: 1915 Architect: Lynn Jenkins External Links: Penn Art Collection ...
Reverend Whitefield

Located at: Quadrangle Dormitories, Upper Quad. Methodist Alumni of Pennsylvania. SIG commission Gross Area (square feet): 96 inches high Year Built: 1918 Architect: R. Tait McKenzie External Links: Penn Art Collection ...
Scholar, Football Player: A Drinking Fountain

Located at: Quadrangle Dormitory, North Arcade Gross Area (square feet): 54 inches by 32 inches by 28 inches Year Built: 1900 Architect: Alexander Calder External Links: Penn Art Collection ...
Class of 1956 Trolley

Located at: Northeast corner Spruce Street and Woodland Walk A gift from the Class of 1956, this half replicate of a Peter Witt trolley car (Peter Witt 8000-8534, J. G. Brill 1923-26), manufactured by the Gomaco Trolley Company, October 20... Read more
Ben Franklin on Campus

Located at: 37th and Locust Walk, South East Corner Figure seated on a park bench with pigeon. Other Name: Ben Franklin on Campus, Ben on a Bench Gross Area (square feet): 49 inches by 71 inches by 4 inches Year Built: 1987 Architect: Geor... Read more
Lindemann Fountain

Located at: 37th and Locust Walk: Class of '59 Plaza Gross Area (square feet): 42 inches by 72 inches by 72 inches Year Built: 1985 Architect: Bentivoglio and Lundgren External Links: Penn Art Collection ...

Located at: Annenberg Center, Lobby Nickel silver on monel metal. Gross Area (square feet): 47 inches by 53 inches by 32 inches Year Built: 1964 Architect: Seymour Lipton ...
Jean D'Aire

Located at: Steinberg Hall-Dietrich Hall Atrium Male figure - Installation date refers to re-installation after theft and recovery in 1986. Year Built: 1979 Architect: Auguste Rodin External Links: Penn Art Collection ...
Polished aluminum alloy tubing and fishnet

Located at: Steinberg Hall-Dietrich Hall Atrium Suspension: Occupies 30 feet of vertical space (varies) by 20 feet wide by 150 feet long. Gross Area (square feet): 360 inches by 240 inches by 1800 inches Year Built: 1986 Architect: Nick Vid... Read more
Lily Composition # 3

Located at: Steinhart Plaza, Woodland Walk 3 pieces 14 foot diam 7 foot radius Gross Area (square feet): 168 inches by 84 inches Year Built: 1993 Architect: Anne Froehling External Links: Penn Art Collection ...
Six Triangles

Located at: Fagin Hall, west courtyard Orange, yellow, green, blue, purple &, red, painted steel. Gross Area (square feet): 6 pieces, each 144 inches high Year Built: 1979 Architect: Ephraim Peleg ...
Seated Woman

Located at: Fagin Hall, roof terrace Gross Area (square feet): 28 and a half inches by 15 inches by 34 and a half inches Year Built: 1987 Architect: Herbert Seiler ...
Construction For Outdoors #7

Located at: Fagin Hall, exterior court. Year Built: 1987 Architect: Stephen Porter External Links: Penn Art Collection ...

Located at: Nursing Education Building, exterior court Year Built: 1975 Architect: Ernest Shaw (M.D.) External Links: Penn Art Collection ...
Quadrature #1

Located at: T. G. Miller Plaza, Hamilton Walk, between HUP and Med Ed Bldg. Painted mild steel. 4 pieces, irregular. Appears as cut from a single cylinder and separated. Gross Area (square feet): 192' by 48' by 48' Year Built: 1977 Architec... Read more
Thomas Sovereign Gates

Located at: HUP, Spruce Street, in front of Gates Pavilion Gross Area (square feet): 24 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches Year Built: 1941 Architect: Evelyn B. Longman Batchelder External Links: Penn Art Collection ...
Memorial Gates

Located at: Spruce Street, Admissions Walk Twin Wrought Iron Gates, painted black. Gross Area (square feet): 240 inches by 168 inches Year Built: 1873 Architect: Unknown
Charles Lennig

Located at: South West corner of College Hall On pedestal, 32 inches by 32 inches, Total 8 foot 8 inches high Gross Area (square feet): 36 inches by 28 inches by 20 inches Year Built: 1900 Architect: John J. Boyle External Links: Penn Art C... Read more
Dr. William Pepper

Located at: Class of '55 Courtyard, Wynn Commons, Perelman Quadrangle Seated Bronze figure on 42 inches Wide by 60 inches Depth granite base. Total 9 feet in Height Gross Area (square feet): 65 inches by 44 inches by 55 inches Year Built: 1... Read more
Love - Art

Located at: Blanche Levy Park Black painted, polygon form. Four 3 dimensional letters Gross Area (square feet): 6 foot by 3 foot by 3 foot Year Built: 1966 Architect: Robert Indiane External Links: Penn Art Collection ...

Locate at: 36th Street Walk, South of Walnut Street Gross Area (square feet): 174 inches by 66 inches by 66 inches Year Built: 1963 Architect: Alexander Archipenko External Links: Penn Art Collection ...


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