Colombia River Gorge

I-84 from Hood River to Portland

Colombia River Gorge

Portland, Oregon 97267, United States

Created By: University of Virginia

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Before westward expansion, the Columbia River was a centerpoint for wealth, trade, and migration. Although colonization has driven much of the original people and their traditions out, many of those underlying patterns of travel remain, up and down the Columbia River, and there is still evidence of the native culture that lives on.

On this tour, I will take you through the waterways of the Columbia River, in places that were the most significant and meaningful to me growing up. I will compare these places and my experiences to how these places looked when the First Peoples fully inhabited them.

Ultimately, this tour allows for reflection on the places that I have been and who have been there before me -- looking at our patterns of living and noticing what has changed and what has stayed the same. What I have discovered is that I think we have more in common than the First Peoples than I originally thought, and that even though our world has drastically changed, I still think it is possible to take up similar patterns of living and sustainability as the indigenous people did and still do.

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The first stop on this tour is not actually on the Columbia river, but on the Willamette, which feeds into the Columbia. This is because this is my birthplace, and where I first became connected to the water. From when I was born to when I ... Read more
Growing up, we would commonly take weekend trips to Hood River, where we would later move to. A common rest stop along I-84 from the trip from Portland to Hood River is the Bonneville Dam, which also includes a fish hatchery and visitor cen... Read more
Although I grew up in Portland, my family would often take weekend trips to Hood River, which is an hour East of portland along the Columbia River corridor and along I-84. Rooster Rock is a memorable landmark for me from this drive. It als... Read more
The White Salmon Bridge connects Hood River on the Oregon side, my hometown, to White Salmon on the Washington side. This is an important place for me because you can so clearly see the whole of the Columbia River Gorge -- you can see Mt. H... Read more
This is the exit I would take going home off of the I-84 highway. It represents not just my house but the town as a whole, and the entire process of industrialization and colonization.  Before the town was named Hood River, it was named Do... Read more
One of our favorite beach hangout spots in the summertime was Koberg Beach. It was our favorite because it wasn't so crowded as the main waterfront since it was a short drive away, and it also had cliffs to jump off of into the water. I rem... Read more
Growing up in Hood River, a common weekend family activity was biking the Mosier Tunnels, a few miles east of Hood River. This road is along the Old Highway, which was used before I-84 was put in, but now it is just a biking and walking roa... Read more


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