The Avenue Concept: movement & meditation-VIRTUAL

Our first virtual-only offering, this tour will take you through the works of Ian Travis Barnard's movement & meditation series

The Avenue Concept: movement & meditation-VIRTUAL

Providence, Rhode Island 02906, United States

Created By: The Avenue Concept

The Avenue Concept: movement & meditation-VIRTUAL - Information

This tour is virtual only.

movement & meditation by Ian Travis Barnard is a contemplation of bodies in motion, a study of how the new normal– life during the pandemic – surfaced the dancers’ emotions into physical form. Translating those emotions into a series of movements and poses on film, photographer Ian Travis Barnard’s work is reflective of 2020’s uncertainty, inviting viewers to find beauty in vulnerability and strength in perseverance.

Barnard notes, “I wanted them to be able to express the variety of emotions that they, and, in truth, all of us, had experienced. There are moments of sadness, fear and uncertainty, but also meditation, joy and self-discovery.”

movement & meditation is the result of a unique collaboration between Paolino Properties, The Avenue Concept, Festival Ballet Providence and photographer Ian Travis Barnard.

“I’ve always been compelled to capture bodies in motion,” Barnard explains. “Aside from being flexible and powerful, the body, when engaged in motion, can be incredibly expressive. When we were approached to develop imagery for the Downtown area, the thought of bringing together multiple elements of the arts was first and foremost on my mind. Festival Ballet Providence was a natural first choice.” His desire was to showcase the artistry of the dancers and their ability to use motion to convey emotion.

For the past five years, Paolino Properties has partnered with The Avenue Concept to support public art, including the organization’s annual mural residency at the nearby Providence National Bank facade. This exhibition was funded by generous support from Paolino Properties.

The Avenue Concept and Ian Travis Barnard would like to extend sincere gratitude to Festival Ballet Providence for their collaboration and Paolino Properties for their tireless support of public art.

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The Avenue Concept: movement & meditation-VIRTUAL - Individual Events

This tour is virtual only.   //do not use the "Go There" function for this tour// movement & meditation by Ian Travis Barnard is a contemplation of bodies in motion, a study of how the new normal– life during the pandemic – surf... Read more
This unique collaboration between Ian Travis Barnard, Festival Ballet Providence, and Paolino Properties created spaces for mutuality, depth, vibrance, and emotion. Look behind the scenes at Ian's process and get a glimpse of what goes on ... Read more
movement & meditation was developed initially as an on-site exhibition using large-format digital prints. When COVID restrictions made in-person viewing impossible, Barnard pivoted to a virtual format by layering the original exhibition... Read more
Eight images were selected to be hung as part of the exhibition, taking into consideration the physical environment, light, groupings and mood. Captured in these photos are the responses of the dancers to this project and to the opportunity... Read more
"I love that dancing gives me therapeutic moments of conversation with myself, the artists around me, the music, and the audience. Because of the pandemic I have felt a loss of connection with the present. I have mostly felt restless, like ... Read more
Dancer: Katie Bickford (@kjjbickford )    
"Themes of compression and explosion mimicked real life in this photoshoot, as I dusted off my muscles from quarantine and pushed my body to extremes I hadn't explored since before the pandemic. It was gratifying to see the project come to ... Read more
Dancer: Katie Bickford (@kjjbickford )
Dancer: Eugenia Zinovieva (@genieinessence )    
"Being able to work with Ian was such an artistic achievement. We were able to explore the emotions of restlessness and drive that many artists have been feeling during this time of quarantine and captured that with images and movement."⁠... Read more
"After lockdown forced us out of the studio for so many months, dancing in front of the camera for this project felt polarizing; It was both exciting and daunting, nerve-racking and freeing, just as coming back into your identity after so m... Read more
Dancer: Azamat Asangul (@danseur01)
As with any exhibition, there are always more gorgeous artworks than you can put into a show. We've included some additional shots for you to swipe through (simply swipe left on the photo at the top) to find even more depth to this collecti... Read more


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