Sapsucker Woods Through the Seasons: Fall/Winter

Sapsucker Woods Through the Seasons: Fall/Winter

Ithaca, New York 14850, United States

Created By: Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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Welcome to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology!

This tour is designed to provide additional information about the stunning feastures of Sapsucker Woods (SSW). Featured stops range from forest architecture to bird habitats. Each component of the ecosystem contributes to the health and livelihood of the SSW sancuary and continues to provide a unique home for a variety of birds in the region.

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Welcome to Sapsucker Woods

The story of Sapsucker Woods (SSW) begins with the arrival and settlement of Europeans in 1789 and by 1830-1840 the area had become an isolated woodlot. It was spared clearing for agriculture due to the area’s unsuitable soil types. Speci... Read more
Red Oak Snag

Toward the center of the pond stands one of SSW’s finest oddities. A red oak tree stands erect, though dead, due to a series of heavy rain events and flooding 1955. This dead tree, referred to as a snag, remains a mystery as to how the ex... Read more
Birds on the Boardwalk

As you take a stroll down the boardwalk, be sure to keep an eye out for non-migratory birds! Small holes along tree trunks are a distinct sign of woodpeckers looking for carpenter ants. There are five species of woodpeckers found year-round... Read more
Forest Phenomena

As you make your way through the forest, you might also spot nearly perfect rows of trees. Neither man-made nor intended, this design occurs when a tree falls down and begins to decompose. Seeds from other trees and plants fill the decompos... Read more
Root Architecture

Prop roots are a fascinating natural phenomena. If you look toward the base of this black birch tree trunk, you’ll notice that the trunk is not connected to the ground. The intertwining prop roots lift the tree above the surface of the s... Read more
Sherwood Platform

The Sherwood Platform is the perfect spot to get a different perspective of the pond and a close up view of active waterfowl. Pond bubblers pump air from below the surface to attract waterfowl and prevent the freezing of water. Mallards, Am... Read more
Pond Islands and Beavers

The stumps within and surrounding the pond display signs of bark chipping and scratches. These markings are evidence of the presence of beavers in and around the pond. Beavers play a critical role in Sapsucker Woods’ ecosystem. When they ... Read more
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