The 21 Boxes Project

City of Ithaca Public Art Commission

The 21 Boxes Project

Ithaca, New York 14850, United States

Created By: Ithaca Public Art Commission

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The Public Art Commission (PAC) of the City of Ithaca was established in 1988 to contribute to the City of Ithaca's vision of a model community - a great place to create, dream, live, learn, work and play - through the acquisition of art for public places. Their mission has been to review and advise Common Council on proposals for the acquisition, donation and display of public art in the City and to review development proposals for decorative elements in the City's public spaces.

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What You'll See on the Tour

Box 1 by Jim Garmhausen

On the corner of Cayuga and Lincoln
Box 2 by Linda Wingerter

On the corner of Cayuga and Tompkins
Box 3 by Marla Coppolino

On the corner of Albany and Court Street
Box 9 by Whitney Ledesma

On the corner of Court and Plain Street
Box 21 by Junior Youth Group in Washington Park

On the corner of Washington Park and Court Street
Box 5 by Jennifer Ospina

On the corner of Stewart and Plain Street
Box 20 by Alina Kim

On the corner of West MLK/State and Plain Street
Box 6 by Brody Burroughts

On the corner of Buffalo and Albany Street
Box 7 by Kalsang and Paldem - Choedak Oshoe

On the corner of Buffalo and Geneva In progress
Box 4 by Pamela Drix

On the corner of Steward and Buffalo Street
Box 14 by Sara Fort

On the corner of West MLK/State and Stewart Street In progress
Box 18 by Popper Singer

On the corner of East MLK/State and Mitchell Street
Box 11 Sarah Jeon

On the corner of Hoy and Ithaca
Box 10 by Suzanne Schafer Bakert

On the corner of Dryden and Ithaca Street
Box 15 by Zac Alling

On the corner of Cornell and Belle Sherman
Box 19 by Rose Gotltlieb

On the corner of East MLK/State and Cornell
Box 16 by Margaret Reed

On the corner of Hudson and Columbia Street
Box 8 by Arlo Chapple-Berletic

On the corner of Aurora and Hillview street
Box 17 by David Bloch

On the corner of Hudson and Crescent Street
Box 12 by Kurt Piller

On the corner of Elmira and Spencer Street
Box 13 by Nate Waterman

On the corner of Elmira Road and Commercial Ave


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