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trees for the walk

Unity, Maine 04988, United States

Created By: unity

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this is a walk around the unity college campuses and you will see many different types of wooded plants around the campus. the ones that have been included in this tour are my personal favorites for many different reasons. the items to bring are a good pair of boots or shoes as sometimes the ground can be wet if it has just rained. and a camera as many of these plants are very beautiful to the eye and you want to be able to save the memories.

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this red oak tree is located right out of one of the resident halls of unity college's blue building. the sounding area of the tree is very grassy as it stands alone by itself just right out the door from the blue building. the red oak was ... Read more
this tree is just located right outside Koons hall and is a very beautiful tree as right now of 9-26-2021 has some very beautiful cherry on it. the ara around the tree has a tar driveway and can get muddy when it rains on the grass I choose... Read more
the white birch I slocated right next to the while cherry tree in front of Koons hall. the white birch is able to be distinguished by the whitebark on it. the way the break is is kind of paper-like. i choose this tree as its bark has the te... Read more
the way that mountain ash is able to be recognized is by the red seeds that are located on the branches near the tips. this tree is located in front of the wood hall just down the hill and in front of humans commons. i choose this tree as t... Read more
The weeping will is able to be identified by the way that all the branches are. the branches have vines that have leaves on them and the tree looks like it weeping. the location of the tree it right down the stairs from the wood hall is can... Read more
this tree is also located in front of the wood hall. this tree is detected in one of the unity incoming classes. the reason that this tree was chosen as it was given to a unity class
at this location, you can see an apple tree sounding a nice little counter of the unity college property as it's nice and secluded and I did not know that this one was here until this year.
in the front of the wood hall, you are able to see a nice collection of pine trees and they are nice trees. i like these trees for one reason and that is they are tall and still standing even through the harsh winters of maine.
this is just a little thing to add as unity rocks is a very beautiful place on the campus and has many different kinds of plants and some trees and shrubs just thought I would add it in to the tour.
this tree to the side of the unity college clc is a chest nut tree. I choose this tree as when they fall down they will stick to all of your clothing and it's just a nice tree.
this tree is right on the path of the unity college library. i choose this tree as it stand out to my everytime i walk by it.


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