Trees of Westerly

This tour will include 20 of my favorite trees found within my hometown.

Trees of Westerly

Westerly, Rhode Island 02891, United States

Created By: Lexus Falcone

Tour Information

This tour will be completed through my hometown of Westerly, Rhode Island. This area is mostly made up of a biome of temperate decidious forests with a slight mix of coniferous species as well. This particular area has a high average rainfall and temperatures vary seasonally from lows of -6.6 degrees celsius to highs of about 27 degrees celsius Most of our forests have started from modes of dispersal- such as animals or nature transporting seeds. And it is likely, because we are so close to the coast, that these areas face storms, such as hurricanes, tropical storms and blizzards which may severly impact these species.

If interested in completing your own dendrology tour, it is recommended you have a few items.

Items include:

A notebook and something to jot down notes, such as clear identifying characteristics.

In addition to a field guide of trees that are found in the area or country you live in.

I also highly recommend having a pair of sturdy shoes, especially if you are walking in a woodsy area. In addition to long pants, and a long sleeve shirt. If applicable please wear hunter saftey orange.

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What You'll See on the Tour

Eastern Red Cedar: Juniperus virginianna HT: 30-60ft DIA: 1-2' This tree is located within my yard. I particually love cedars because of their interesting bark and how easily it peels. I also love the smell of these trees. The area this tre... Read more
American Holly Illex opaca HT: 15-50' DIA: 9-18" This evergreen was located again on my property. It also acts as a property divider between my yard and my neighbors yard. The area it is found in is a mixture between rich and sandy soils. P... Read more
Sycamore Maple: Acer pseudoplatanus HT: 50-80' DIA: 1 1/5 -2 1/2'   The next few trees are found in one of my favorite location to walk through-my local park. I really love the variety of trees found in this area. And I am particualrly fon... Read more
American Beech Fagus grandifolia HT: 50-80' DIA: 1 1/2- 2 1/2' Just a short walk away from the Sycamore Maple you will find an American Beech. This species is commonly found in moist areas, and areas with clay-like soils.  I really find th... Read more
Norway Maple: Acer platanoides HT: 40-70' DIA: 1- 2 1/2' Another short distance away in Wilcox Park is the Norway Maple. This too is an invasive species of maple that tends to grow in more city-like areas such as here in Wilcox Park! Typica... Read more
London Planetree Plantus X acerifolia HT:  70-80' DIA: 2-4' Also in this area you can find a London Planetree. These trees have a super smooth bark that I can best compare to paper. These trees are commonly found in park-like settings. Int... Read more
Japanese Umbrella Pine Sciadopitys verticillata This particular tree stood out to me as I had to go into deeper research than our class provided guidebooks. I found it extremely interesting that this tree is native to Japan however, there i... Read more
American Basswood; also commonly known as an American Linden Tilia americana This is a tree native to Rhode Island and is also found within Wilcox Park. These trees prefer moist places with a range of elevation preference. Making this park ... Read more
Irish Yew Fastigiata This is another tree I had to research a little more in depth. Because of the needle pattern and color (the dark green and the shininess) I was able to narrow this tree down to the "Yew" family. It is said that these ar... Read more
Sweetgum Also known as Redgum or Sapgum Liquidambar styraciflua HT: 50-150' DIA: 2-5' These trees grow best in environments that range from being some what dry to moist. I really love the shape of the fruits on these trees as they look like... Read more
White Ash Fraxinus americana HT: 70-100' DIA: 2-3' Abother short distance away you will find the White Ash. These trees prefer moist environments. An intersting fact is that White Ashes is the tallest within the ash family, and is typically... Read more
Red Horsechestnut Aesculus X Carnea I belive this tree is a Rhode Island champion tree. This tree is also located within Wilcox Park. It is actually a cross between a horechestnut and redbuckeye which is probably why I find it to be so intr... Read more
Alaska Cedar Chamaecyparis nootkatensis HT:  60-100' DIA: 1-5' Walk a little bit further into the park and you will come across an Alaska-Cedar. These trees are not native to Rhode Island, however are commonly used as an ornamental as RI c... Read more
Burr Oak: Quercus macrocarpa HT: 60-80'  DIA: 2-4' These trees grow in a variety of environments. Ranging from moist to dry to clay like soils. Though I can say they are not all that commonly found this far east. Which is why I find it all... Read more
Chestnut Oak Quercus montana HT: 60-80' DIA: 1 1/2 - 2 1/2' Another Oak found within Wilcox Park is the Chestnut Oak. This is a more commonly found Oak in Rhode Island. And its preferred growth is in rockier areas, which I would say best de... Read more
Paper Birch Betula papyrifera HT: 50-70'  DIA: 1-2' Another tree that is very common in forests near me is the Paper Birch. This one is a particularly small one located within the boundaries of Wilcox Park. Paper Birches tend to grow best ... Read more
American Elm Ulmus americana Also known as White Elm or Soft Elm HT: 60-100' DIA: 2- 3 1/2' A tree very popularly found planted along streets and parks or in open fields which is why Wilcox Park is the perfect home for this tree. Its leave... Read more
Honeylocust Gleditsia triacanthos Again, is a rarer find in Rhode Island, as it is more commonly found in Central North America in moist soils. I feel as though this is a reason why I find the tree so appealing. I also just find it's leaves... Read more
Scarlet Oak Quercus coccinea HT:  60-80' DIA: 1- 2 1/2' Back tracking back to my house, where I came across a Scarlet Oak. This tree really peaked my interest with the size of its leaves. They are giant in comparison to this 2x2 peice of p... Read more
Eastern White Pine Pinus strobus Also known as the Weymouth Pine or the Northern White Pine HT: 80-150' DIA: 2-5' Also on the edge of my property is a huge Eastern White Pine. This tree probably grows so well as the soil on my property tend... Read more


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