Cypress Circle

Forest Bathing

Cypress Circle

Ocala, Florida 34481, United States

Created By: On Top of the World, LLC


Invitation For World Healing

Allow your body to relax, grounding yourself in the natural surroundings.

Inhale gently, attuning your ears to the melodic symphony of birdsongs, and with each exhale, let go of the noise of the world, allowing the soothing notes to guide you into a meditative dance with our feathered earthborn companions

In the ancient echoes of a time long past, a profound wisdom resonates — the belief that the songs at dawn and songs at dusk possess the transformative power to heal the world with beauty. Entrusted to the custodianship of the birds, these keepers of forgotten lore remind us each morning with their songs that the world is inherently meant for joy and peace. Embrace this new day, drawing forth the melodies within your heart to heal the world and sow the seeds of peace on Earth. Encourage the enchanting notes of peace to ripple across the vast expanse of the Earth, and, in this collective harmony, as you breathe in the serenity of nature, let every exhale be a gentle release, sending gentle waves of unity and harmony into the world from the depths of your heart.

· As you embrace the new day and encourage the enchanting notes of peace to ripple across the Earth, explore how this intention resonates within your physical body. How do sensations, perhaps in your chest or breath, reflect your embodied commitment to healing and sowing the seeds of peace on Earth?

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