Nam Koo Terrace

Supernatural Tour: Hong Kong District VS Japanese Occupation Period

Nam Koo Terrace

Hong Kong Island Hong Kong

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Nam Koo Terrace

History Background:

Nam Koo Terrace is now an abandoned mansion. The architectural style combines Chinese and Western elements, and the outer wall is built with red bricks. The mansion was built by the wealthy Hong Kong businessman To Zhongwen in 1917, and was resold in 1921 to his younger brother To Zewen, who was then the deputy manager of Wing On Department Store. However, during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong in 1943, To Zewen died in the mansion, and Nam Koo Terrace also fell into the hands of the Japanese and became a “Comfort House”. Until 1988, the To family resold Nam Koo Terrace to Hopewell for about 16 million Hong Kong Dollars.

Ghosts Story:

In the early years, a girl and her classmates broke into Nam Koo Terrace, and there was an incident of suspected ghosts. The girl suddenly screamed and ran around. She became a male voice and became extremely powerful. In the end, several police officers took action to subdue her while she was saying “follow me”.

People living nearby say that at midnight, there will be green strange lights and strange fires floating in the house. If you listen carefully, you will hear bursts of women's shouts and screams, which are very sad. Someone once saw a woman in a red dress waving to him with a weird smile on her face.

This point of interest is part of the tour: Supernatural Tour: Hong Kong District VS Japanese Occupation Period


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