Supernatural Tour: Hong Kong District VS Japanese Occupation Period

Supernatural Tour: Hong Kong District VS Japanese Occupation Period

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Created By: Hong Kong Baptist University

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“Three years and eight months” – when you ask some old people about this period, they may recall some torturing memories during the Japanese occupation era. Among all the places invaded by the Japanese military, Wan Chai is one of the most significant places since the Japanese claimed the whole area for residential purposes. Most importantly, the Japanese also set up around 500 comfort places for innocent women (comfort women) to provide sexual services for the Japanese army. Not only harassing those innocent women, but citizens also reported that there were lots of killings going around the area. Consequently, many ghost tales and supernatural incidents happened during the occupation, even after the end of the war because of those lost souls.

This walking tour aims to bring you back to the period and discover multiple interesting ghost tales told by citizens living around the area. From the haunted Nam Koo Terrace, and the mysterious Wan Chai Star Street air-raid shelter, to the spooky East Town Theatre. Every place contains lots of eerie stories and myths during the Japanese occupation period. After following the tour stops, this tour may help you know more about how the Japanese military influenced and harmed Hong Kongers’ lives. Also, you can see the ways in which Hong Kong citizens evict those ghosts and souls.

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Wan Chai Market History Background: The Old Wanchai Market, whose real name is Wanchai Market (English: Wanchai Market), is a partially demolished market building in Hong Kong. It is located at 262-264 Queen's Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong ... Read more
Nam Koo Terrace History Background: Nam Koo Terrace is now an abandoned mansion. The architectural style combines Chinese and Western elements, and the outer wall is built with red bricks.  The mansion was built by the wealthy Hong Kong b... Read more
History background: St. Luke's Co-educational College was founded in the 1950s. Its principal, Li Fu-chu, was a member of one of Hong Kong's four great families. In the 1980s, due to difficulties in recruiting students, the quality of stude... Read more
Wan Chai Star Street contains lots of ghost tales and supernatural incidents – especially the mysterious air-raid shelter. The shelter was built during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong for citizens to evade bomb attacks. However, the ... Read more
Historical Background: East Town Theatre Building. It is a defunct cinema in Wan Chai, and it was rebuilt as East Town, located at the junction of Lockhart Road and Fenwick Street. It was formerly known as International Funeral Parlour. Sin... Read more
Pacific Place History Background The predecessor of Pacific Place was the Victoria Barracks, which became the target of Japanese attacks during the Japanese occupation. On December 8, 1941, the Japanese air raid on Hong Kong dropped the fir... Read more


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