Stop #3: Entering the Woods

Jake Thomas - AMST 4500 Walking Tour

Stop #3: Entering the Woods

Oaks, Pennsylvania 19426, United States

Created By: University of Virginia


This next stop is one of my favorites on this run. Going from the busy road into this little wooded escape is such an amazing feeling. I have always loved getting away from the chaos of modern infrastructure and entering a place that feels (even if it isn't) natural and calm. I have included a video with the sounds of the creek and the birds chirping where you can also still faintly hear the cars zooming on the road behind. I think this juxtaposition is so interesting as it is a spot where I feel that I have escaped, yet am still surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the world around me. This creek used to be connected to the larger Perkiomen Creek nearby, which was the area where a majority of the Lenape built their homes to ensure that they would be near water to live. It is also historically connected to the Allegheny River in Western Pennsylvania, which got its name from the Native American allegewihanoe, meaning the river of the cave people. The Cherokees who used to live in this area were driven from the caves near the river by the Lenape, who resided there until the settlers arrived. Overall, this area has a lot of historical significance and a lot of significance for me in my life.

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