Jake Thomas - AMST 4500 Walking Tour

This is a tour of the running loop I have been going on for the last 10 years at home.

Jake Thomas - AMST 4500 Walking Tour

Oaks, Pennsylvania 19426, United States

Created By: University of Virginia

Tour Information

This run is located in my hometown: Collegeville, PA. If completed from point 1 to point 9, this run is approximately 2 miles over which several smaller loops can be completed. While many of the stops on this route may seem insignificant, all of them have a strong emotional tie to part of my life that I will be explaining, supplemented with pictures and a few videos. In addition, a connection will be made to the Indigenous tribe that lives in this area, the Lenni Lenape Indians, at certain points on the tour. I hope you enjoy coming on the run I have made thousands of times in my life!

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What You'll See on the Tour

The start of this run is at my home, where I was born, raised, and lived my entire life. It is located on a small cul-de-sac with only 9 other houses in the middle of the suburbs near Philadelphia. My parents bought this house in 1996 and s... Read more
The first stop on this run is at the stop sign at the end of my cul-de-sac. Although only a couple hundred feet from my house, this spot has a lot of sentimental value for me. This is where my sister and I would wait every day when we were ... Read more
The next stop on this run is a little bit down the major road near my house: Blackrock Road. This is the first part of the run where you will encounter a busy intersection with a stop light. The other street in this intersection is called U... Read more
This next stop is one of my favorites on this run. Going from the busy road into this little wooded escape is such an amazing feeling. I have always loved getting away from the chaos of modern infrastructure and entering a place that feels ... Read more
After exiting the woods, you will quickly approach a small elementary school called Oaks Elementary. This school is part of a larger network of public schools in the Springford School District and, while I did not attend, I have been there ... Read more
At the very back of the elementary school, you will find a playground and an asphalt area covered with different exercise activities. These activities were set up for the students to partake in during gym class, but during COVID they took o... Read more
After finishing the playground exercises, you will continue down the road until you reach the Oaks Fire Station. This firehouse has been around for many decades and has several memorials to the brave men and women who have served at it or s... Read more
After passing the fire station, you will go down the hill and reach the Upper Providence Little League Baseball Fields. There are several baseball fields here as well as a running trail, playground, and small soccer field. Throughout my ch... Read more
The last stop on this run is past the back side of the baseball fields. Similar to stop #3, this is a small pocket of nature that is relatively calmer than the rest of the run. I like to end my run here because it feels like a very calming ... Read more


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