Sigma Psi 125th Founders' Day History Walk

Reminisce about your days as an active and the chapter's long history by doing a history walk!

Sigma Psi 125th Founders' Day History Walk

Cleveland, Ohio 44115, United States

Created By: Sigma Psi Sorority

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This tour starts outside the Western Reserve Historical Society, 10600 East Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44106.

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Until 1977, Sigma Psi lived in Wade House, located at the intersection of Magnolia Drive and E 108th St, with another local sorority, DPhiU (Delta Phi Upsilon). The house itself was reportedly haunted by a ghost in the attic who would open ... Read more
This was the location of the 1984 Spring Formal, which started the Sigma Psi Dating Service. Many of the sisters did not have dates for formal, so one sister started fixing them up with men she knew. We also had our Spring Formal here in Sp... Read more
This is the former location of the Delta Upsilon house, which was torn down in 1991. We used to hold toga parties and Fire and Ice here. Many DUs have dated, lavaliered, or married Sigma Psis. In the spring of 2001, DU active Sid Banerjee f... Read more
This is the location of the former Phi Kappa Alpha house. Also called the “Pikes,” they lived here until Thanksgiving 1988,when they were no longer large enough to keep their house. We used to pull pranks back and forth with the Pikes, ... Read more
Now the Delta Tau Delta house, we used to live here in the early 1970s with two other sororities: DPhiU (Delta Phi Upsilon) and Phi Kappa Zeta. Sigma Psi founded the Panhellenic Inter-Sorority Council, and this is where its meetings were he... Read more
Asgaard was our last true house, where we lived until the summer of 1988. The house itself is named Asgaard and, because it meant “Home of the Gods,” we answered our phone with “Sigma Psi, Home of the Goddesses.” Before us, the Soci... Read more
We lived on the third floor of Pierce from 1988 to 1989. Years ago, a pledge class stole a Pierce sign for their pledge paddle but got in trouble with the university and had to give it back. Instead, they made a replica of the sign to use a... Read more
When The Spot was first established, it had a “Now Open” sign. Sisters stole it, altered it to say “The G Spot is Now Open,” and put it in the house. Mark Starr, then the Director of Greek Life, found the vandalized sign during a fi... Read more
We lived on the fourth floor of Norton from 1989 to 1992. There used to be paintings on the walls left by some of our sisters. Many sisters also lived in Norton before becoming actives. There are daffodils across the road as well as around ... Read more
This is the Alpha Chi Omega house. In 2015, we partnered with them to host the philanthropy event Walk a Mile in Her Shoes because our philanthropies were similar at the time. A Chi O advocates for domestic violence awareness and prevention... Read more
In 1985, Delta Phi Upsilon went national, becoming a chapter of Phi Mu. Our history is very closely tied with DPhiU’s who were known as the Greeks. Elsie Davies and the other founders split off from their group to form Sigma Psi. Delta Ph... Read more
Our pledges used to prank actives by stealing their bras and other undergarments and stringing them across Bellflower Road between the Sigma Chi and Zeta Beta Tau houses (the ZBT house was located in what is now a parking lot). This event w... Read more
This building is the former Sigma Chi fraternity house. They made many of our sisters Sigma Chi little sisters and sweethearts. We used to provide lots of support and contestants for their annual philanthropy event, Derby Days. Fire and Ice... Read more
In the 1950s, we had Red parties here where the guests had to sign in as “Reds.” We also held 70s mixers and parties in the Carriage House, which was also known as the “Outpost.” Each year, we shared an annual Christmas party with F... Read more
This is the former location of the Delta Tau Delta house, which burned down in the late 1980s. A lot of our historical files and items were stored here, and they were lost in the fire. Our last Fire and Ice was held here in 1988. An old ple... Read more
When it was a part of Flora Stone Mather College, this building used to be the main classroom and gym. It was built in the 1890’s, so it was relatively new, like Sigma Psi. It was here that we initiated our first pledges in 1897. Our foun... Read more
This used to be a women’s dorm where many Sigs lived with other sororities under a “House Mom.” They used to sneak out by the fire escape on the House Mother’s card night due to the curfew enforced at the time (11pm). When we lived ... Read more
Haydn Hall used to be a student center with lockers and cubbies for books and wraps as well as a cafeteria. They used to have “Banner Days” for the sororities and our banner would hang from the building. At this time, only juniors and s... Read more
We used to hold chapter meetings in the basement of this church. Occasionally, the noontime bells play songs that resemble those of our sorority.
This was a trolley stop for students as well as the number one trysting spot on campus. One of our sister’s names is carved on it. A longstanding rumor says that if a virgin ever walks under the arch, it will collapse...
In 1965, the new pledge class pranked the active chapter by kidnapping their pledge mistress, Mili Larson, and taking her downtown to Terminal Tower (now Tower City) for ice cream. Mili was a fully cooperative hostage. Bound together by the... Read more
Also known as the Phallic Fountain, a group of Sigma Psi senior actives once stripped and went wading in the fountain. They threw their underwear in the trees, but they couldn’t get it down. It was Parents’ Weekend at the time and the s... Read more
There used to be a well-known security officer on campus who everyone called Officer Mark. In the spring of 2010, alum Ramya Raman, who was set to graduate in a few weeks, “borrowed” Officer Mark’s segway during APO’s Jail Break. Sh... Read more
Before it was held in the Tink, Mr. CWRU was held in Strosacker Auditorium.  In Spring 2015, when the Kappa Rho pledge class was brainstorming ideas for their pledge paddle, Kayla Harris and Catherine Lange exclaimed that they had taken a ... Read more
A sister was proposed to in front of this building and later got married on the same spot.
In 2003 during History Walk, several sisters noticed some wet cement here. They broke away from the group and used their keys to carve letters and their initials in it. However, the cement was not as wet as they thought, and some sisters ru... Read more
We used to hold annual Jell-O wrestling events with the brothers of Beta Theta Pi beginning in 1995. From 1994 to 2003, we also participated in a walk-a-thon for the American Diabetes association called the Beta Walk. The brothers of Beta ... Read more
In the 1990s, the Phi Delts promised to help us with our trenches for Rope Pull. However, they changed their minds and told us that we had to make them brownies and wear short skirts in exchange for their help. We delivered the brownies as ... Read more
The Phi Psis used to live on the other side of our current house. Until 2014, we used to have a Heaven and Hell dance with them every spring at their current house. Our chapters share the song “Piano Man” and would sing it together at t... Read more
The Thetas currently live on the other side of our house. We participate in Theta’s philanthropy event KATwalk every year. This event supports CASA, an organization that pairs trained mentors with children to serve as their voice during t... Read more
Sigma Psi, Home of the Goddesses! This has been our house since fall of 1992. Like with Asgaard, the Pikes carved their name into our door here, but it was removed in 2015 during renovations. Long before we lived here, in the 1960s, this us... Read more


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