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West Denton Residential National Register District Historic Home Tour

Denton, Texas 76201, United States

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The West Denton Residential Historic District is a primarily residential district in Denton, Denton County, Texas, approximately a half mile west of the Denton County Courthouse square. The district includes (in whole or part) ten divisions and subdivisions platted from the mid-19th century through 1925. The rectilinear street grid is irregular due to the different layouts of the various plats. Lot sizes also vary in the district, with larger lots (and correspondingly grander houses) on the district’s south end along Oak and Hickory streets. The historic resources are primarily single-family dwellings, but also include a public school campus, and a small number of multiple-family dwellings and modest commercial buildings. Examples of architectural styles in the district include those that were most popular nationally for upper- and middle-class families, with large Queen Anne and Period Revival houses in the south. The majority of the neighborhood, however, is composed of modestly scaled Craftsman Bungalow and Minimal Traditional houses through the central and north portions of the district. The older southern portion of the neighborhood includes nine residences built prior to 1900 and 92 residences constructed between 1900 and 1922. Home construction overall peeked between 1923 and 1929 with most houses completed before the Great Depression, while approximately 20% of the building dating to the period between 1930 and 1957. A few homes were architect-designed, but the majority were the result of collaboration between owners and builders, often working from plan books. While houses have been altered over time, most retain a good degree of integrity and convey a visual sense of the historic significance of the district. The neighborhood is still characterized by its “Silk Stocking” area primarily along Hickory and Oak streets, a large number of Craftsman Bungalows elsewhere, and the 1924 Senior High School campus. The period of significance spans from 1890 with the construction of the earliest extant building to 1957, after which new construction slowed considerably. Almost all of the 483 buildings were constructed during the period of significance. Of these, 332 are primary dwellings and 138 are ancillary buildings (detached garages, garage apartments, carriage houses and outbuildings). The district includes four noncontributing apartment buildings, three small commercial buildings (two contributing), and a five-building public school campus (two buildings of which contribute). A total of 377 buildings (78%) contribute to the district.

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The brick home was one of three houses fronting West Hickory built by C.C. Yancey on a last large land lot on West Oak and Hickory Street. Heralded by the Denton Record-Chronicle as “one of the largest residential property (deals) made in... Read more
Alton House is an apartment designed by artist, Myron Stout, born in Denton in 1908. Stout decided to become a fine arts painter while a senior at North Texas State Normal College. He helped start the Denton Art League in 1935 and became it... Read more
J. Fred Rayzor (1890-1965) and his wife Lucile Edmonds (1892-1945) purchased the lot at 928 West Hickory from his father, J. Newton Rayzor in 1911. The Rayzors contracted with M. T. Goodwin for a one-story frame house of six rooms on March ... Read more
Second home of Barry and Mary Davenport in the craftsman style.
Mable Ray was a librarian in the Junior High School in Denton by 1930. By 1934, she became the English teacher at the Junior High School and became increasing involved as the Pep Club sponsor, director of plays and activities. Ray is record... Read more
F.M. Vance was the original builder of this suburban ice block storage facility. By 1933, the building was repurposed as general store for the neighborhood, carrying ice, cold drinks, fruit, groceries, ice cream and other treats. In 1965, t... Read more
Home in the style of Queen Anne originally owned by Otis Graham
James Russell Christal rose to the rank of cowboy on his great-uncle Burk Burnett’s 6666 Ranch near Wichita Falls. Injuries forced his return to Denton, where he started the Golden Hoof Ranch, a showplace for award-winning sheep and cattl... Read more
Tudor revival style home originally owned by Walter and Barbara McClurkan
Dr. M. L. Martin (1869-1941) and his wife, Ailsey (Forester) Martin (1890-1968) completed this house in 1926. Ailsey grew up on the nearby Forester Ranch (established 1852) with the celebrated "Two-I-Jinglebob" brand. Dr. Martin was born in... Read more
Annie and Robert Scripture constructed the Scripture Building on the Square in 1882 to house their grocery business. In 1886, their home at 819 West Oak Street was completed, using locally fired brick handmade in Denton. The original house ... Read more
Dr. Priestly Lipscomb (1869-1942) built this house for his wife, Molly Binyon (1871-1942). W.T. Doggett (1883-1957), superintendent of Denton City Schools, purchased the home in 1920 and updated it with modern Craftsman-style exterior featu... Read more
James Newton Rayzor was born in 1858 in Lockport, Kentucky, and came to Texas in 1866 with his family and settled in Collin County. Rayzor was involved in many business ventures including the Alliance Mill (now Morrison Milling Co.), Allian... Read more
The Evers House at 1035 West Oak Street was built in 1903 for Robert and Mary Evers. Mr. Evers became the owner of Evers Hardware of Denton in 1885, a landmark within the Courthouse Square Historic District. Evers was active in civic affair... Read more
Farris was an early business leader in Denton as a lumber merchant by 1918, shipping lumber to Denton via railroad box cars. He owned the Farris Lumber Company for about 25 years while engaged in farming, ranching, and the cotton business i... Read more
John T. (1876-1943) and Lula Mae Baird (1881-1968) contracted with I. T. Naugle to build their home in 1919. John was a native of Upshur County, Texas where he met Lula. They married in Gilmer, Texas in 1902. John became a real estate agent... Read more
The McClendon House is one-story residence built in 1920 for Martha and Richard McClendon. It is front-gabled with partial-width entry porch supported by paired box columns, wood-framed sash windows, narrow wood siding, paneled gable ends, ... Read more
The Mounts family arrived in Denton County in the 1850s from Virginia. W. H. Mount (1833-1889) and his wife, Martha Elizabeth (Mattie) Mounts (1838-1914), were early residents of Alton, the previous Denton county seat until 1857, relocating... Read more
Robert Nobel Mounts (1863-1922) and Nannie Lee (Christal) Mounts (1870-1942) constructed this house as the same time his mother’s house was being built in 1898. Robert Mounts was important in furthering the ranching industry in Texas. As ... Read more
Built in 1916 by George Harris (1867-1941) for H.F. and Annie Clare Schweer. In addition to fine homes, George Harris built many public buildings such as a passenger train depot in Pilot Point and at least one public school in Denton. He wa... Read more
This Mission Revival style home was built in 1915 by prominent civic leader, James W. Simmons, and his wife, Susan S. Gregg, granddaughter of Darius Gregg, Denton county pioneer and founder of the Gregg Ranch. The house is designed with an ... Read more
Milton Penry (1894-1959) was born near Forney, Texas and his family moved to Denton in 1904. Ruth (1903-1991) was a native of Denton. Milton secured W. L. Overall to build this home in 1916 prior to his service in WW I. Milton served with t... Read more
This brick Tudor cottage (featuring a slightly flared roof and tapered chimney on the primary facade) was built for Arthur Elba (1894-1985) and Bertha Naugher Anderson (1892-1987). Arthur was born in Corinth, Texas and in 1913 was appointed... Read more
William Thomas (1895-1987) and Mable Rice (1901-1993) hired C. W. Jacobs to build their Craftsman home in 1925. In 1908, William’s family moved from Tennessee to Denton. He became an auto mechanic and worked with his father, David Rice, w... Read more
The former Denton High School campus (now a middle school) is a major landmark at the northeast corner of the district and contains the largest buildings. The high school building faces north on Congress Avenue and has a symmetrical façade... Read more
Silas W. Koiner was the original owner of 802 Congress Street. The Great Depression hit his family had and in 1934, Koiner built the long narrow building at 800 Congress where he provided haircuts. The business grew to become the Bronco Sto... Read more
Mrs. Mattie Morrison (1876-1968) was a widow when she had this small craftsman home built for herself and her daughter Opal Rae. Mattie McGaha was born in Winfield, Alabama and her family moved to Texas by 1892. She married Charles Morrison... Read more
Charles Elmer (1891-1969) and Thula Mae Carruth (1890-1970) purchased this lot from Cuvier Lipscomb Jr. Thula was born in Missouri, grew up in Collin County, Texas and attended the North Texas State Normal in 1916. Charles was born in Colli... Read more
The house was built in 1936 by Clyde Carpenter for George and Jet Surber. Carpenter was active in Denton as the general contractor for many stores and businesses including Voertman’s Book Store, New Boston Store on the Square, and several... Read more
This home was built in 1922 by contractor Henry Francis (H.F.) Davidson. Davidson built several significant homes in Denton between 1900 and 1930, most notable the Martin-Russell Home at 911 West Oak Street. He also built the Women’s Club... Read more
George William (1891-1945) and Elaine Chilton Morrel (1890-1962) contracted with Henry Francis (H. F.) Davidson in 1924 to build this “One story and half, eight roomed, brick veneered house, English roof.” Elaine, a Denton native, marri... Read more
Foy (1896-1979) and Virgie (1898-1987) Wallace secured the service of W. H. Overall to build their home in 1926. Foy was born in Montague, Texas and grew up in West Texas while Virgie was a native of Bell County, Texas. They were married in... Read more
James Homer (1898-1981) and Werdna Kerley (1900-1981) were both Denton natives. James hired E. D. Porter to build this Craftsman style home as a wedding present. It sits on a corner lot with a wrapped porch, with tapered box columns on bric... Read more
This brick craftsman cottage is characterized by a small arched porch roof over the central door and side porch. Thomas Warren (1884-1969) and Maude (1886-1969) Johnson hired S. K. Withrow to build their Craftsman style home in 1923. The co... Read more
This craftsman house on a corner lot features a wrapped porch. Ben (Benjamin) Percy (1873-1951) and Eunice Terry Adams (2/6/1882 – 4/21/1955) contracted with local builder Thomas Douglas (T. D.) Wynn on 10/10/1923 for $4,500 to build a ... Read more
“Harve” (Charles O.) Gray (1903-2002) was a Denton native and Lola Lee Lynch (1903-1990) was born nearby in Stony, Denton County. Harve contracted with A. J. Dobson to build this house as a wedding present prior to his marriage to Lola ... Read more
Craftsman style home
J. B. (1907-1994) and Anna Rose (1908-2009) Burrow contracted with B. A. Wilson to build this house in 1940. They married in 1931 in Marietta, Oklahoma, where they maintained the Burrow family farm. They moved to Denton when Mr. Burrow beca... Read more
Albert Sidney (1873-1946) and Cora Ellen (1876-1954) Keith hired S. Clyde Carpenter to build their home in 1924. Albert was born in Argyle, earned degrees from the North Texas State Normal and Texas Christian University, and taught in publi... Read more
Charlie E. (1892-1973) and Berniece (1898-1979) Jones hired J. A. Bevill to build their Craftsman style home. Charlie was born in Chico, Texas, was a WW I veteran, and returned to Denton to marry Berniece. He owned Jones Cleaners while main... Read more
James W. Wallace (1884-1971) and Ola Mae Wallace (1892-1960) hired C. G. Wilson to build this Craftsman cottage home on the south side of the street in the High School 2 plat area. It is one of sever such cottages in the district with symme... Read more


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