Deventer City Tour

A short walking tour through the Hanze city of Deventer in The Netherlands.

Deventer City Tour

Deventer, Overijssel 7419 AD, Netherlands

Created By: Jos Berkien

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A short walking tour through the Hanze city of Deventer in The Netherlands.

Deventer is a Dutch city in the province of Overijssel. The city is the capital of the municipality of the same name and is located on the IJssel river. In the Middle Ages, Deventer was part of the Hanseatic League, an important northern German trade network.

Deventer is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. The place is already mentioned in 9th century sources of the diocese of Utrecht. A charter from 877 mentions seven farms in Daventre port (the port of Deventer). In 952, Deventer is mentioned as a city in a deed of donation from King Otto I. After the place had acquired more and more rights and privileges over time, it received the municipal lands from Emperor Henry V in 1123. This is considered by historians as the moment when the residents acquired city rights. The city has the oldest stone house, the oldest walking park and, with the Athenaeum library, also the oldest scientific library in the Netherlands.

The city of Deventer had 81,545 inhabitants on January 1, 2021, making it by far the largest center of the municipality, which has a total of more than 100,000 inhabitants.

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There are 2 parking areas here with plenty of spaces, the one on the right is free of charge but the one on the left cost only 1 euro for a whole day.
Situated on the river IJssel, near the ferry in Deventer, is a neoclassical 19th century building that has had many different functions over the past 160 years. From casino to bowling alley, from discotheque to Chinese restaurant, sadly all... Read more
A fully electric Ferry from Hotel Pillows to the city of Deventer. The ship is 16 meters long, 5.20 wide and has a draft of 1 meter. The ship is powered by an electric motor with a maximum power of 55KW (75HP). But because we don't sail tha... Read more
The City Gates of Deventer were created after the growth and rise of Deventer as a city and the subsequent construction of the city walls. The first stone city walls were built during the 13th century and a surrounding wall was added from 1... Read more
The Proosdij in Deventer is the oldest existing stone house in the Netherlands. Building history research has shown that the oldest core of the building dates from around the year 1130. The house is located on Sandrasteeg and Stromarkt, in ... Read more
The covered butter market hall (Botermarkt), located on Hofstraat, is a striking appearance in Deventer with its 6 meters wide, 30 meters long and 5 meters high. What was this used for before? The covered open market hall was made of wood, ... Read more
Vrienden van Vroeger (Friends of the Past) is the smallest lunch cafe in Deventer.
This building originally housed a bakery. This biscuit bakery, "De Kroonde Almansgading", was built in 1839 by Teunis Hissink. The building was built in Neo-Romanesque style with a striking design in the form of a Renaissance palazzo. Deven... Read more
A small dead end street with two stone arches and a plaque on the wall On the facade stone in St. Jansstraat we see a voluptuous woman. Her window is open, she leans on the window frame, showing off her full breasts and red lips. If you loo... Read more
The current church, a Gothic hall church, was built between 1450 and 1525. It was richly decorated with murals and was full of statues of saints and altars. This Catholic splendor came to an end when the Calvinists took possession of the ch... Read more
Deventer's town hall is a beautiful piece of architecture. The current town hall consists of several buildings: the original town hall from 1693, the Landshuis (dating from 1632, but was only added to the town hall at the end of the twentie... Read more
The historic Jordenshof court yard was founded in 1644 by Joachim Keyzer and transferred to this location in 1865. The courtyard was renovated in the 1930s by the architect Knuttel. The houses in the court yard have red and white shutters. ...
This bronze model shows the complete buildings of the city center to scale. The three-dimensional city map with a diameter of one and a half meters is a gift from the 75-year-old Rotary Deventer to the city. The 2.5 ton model is unique to t... Read more
The Waag is a building that has been a defining feature of the center of Deventer since 1531. According to the fact checkers, this is the oldest weighing building in the Netherlands that was built for that purpose. Older weighing buildings ... Read more
The well-known delicacy “Deventer koek” has given the city a special nickname: Koekstad (cake city). Since the end of the Middle Ages, the Deventer cake has been baked according to carefully recorded and strictly adhered to municipal in... Read more
The St. Nicholas Church or Bergkerk in Deventer is originally a Romanesque cross basilica. The Bergkerk was built in the years 1198-1209, close to the then Deventer harbor district. It was founded in the heyday of the Hanseatic city by Norb... Read more
The apartments in the house consists of several floors that are all constructed in a different way, making each of the four houses different. The ground floor and the first floor are the same, then the floors rotate a quarter turn. Everyone... Read more
The old print factory which printed the famous Donald Duck and Libelle magazines in its time. The factory is being demolished and will make room for new housing and shops
In 1900, the Bergweide industrial estate with a harbor and an industrial track was located here. The old buildings now house small businesses and catering establishments. The artwork is inspired by the story of the Havenkwartier and the his... Read more
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Lucy Galaxy is the smallest hotel in the Netherlands with only 1 room.
The temporary work of art that Niels Albers is building for the IJsselbiennale 2023 makes the history of grain transport experienceable again. Epiphyt-D is a walkable sculpture that seems to clamp around the elevator building, like roots do... Read more
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Sorry, there wasn't any information provided for this point of interest.
On the edge of the old industrial district of the Raambuurt in Deventer there is an old drawbridge, the “Raambrug”. From 1887 onwards, the bridge formed the connection between the warehouses on the Pothoofd aan de IJssel and the compani... Read more
You are probably familiar with this striking appearance. The most modern houseboat in the city is located between the Raambuurt and the Pothoofd. What is it like to live in a houseboat in Deventer? Is it really that free? Can you feel the w... Read more
Senzora produces a range of washing and cleaning products (e.g. Klok, Tricel) for the private label market and is an important international player, with customers in several European countries. It also serves the cash & carry wholesale... Read more
HISTORY The three owners of DAVO, Jos, Marijn and Arnoud, know each other from the beer café De Heks in Deventer. As youngsters, all three of them stood behind the bar there in 2007. They were at the end of their student years and full of ... Read more
On the occasion of the celebration of Deventer's 1250th anniversary, Joren Joshua made this colorful mural. The mural is inspired by the location. Joren was mainly inspired by the port that was once located here, the industry that started i... Read more
The modern bronze sculpture “Fishman” by the artists Space Cowboys (Dedden and Keizer) placed in 2011 at the renovated Pothoofdkade quay in Deventer, the Netherlands. It symbolizes the former trade products of Deventer.
The Wilhelmina Bridge, named after Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, connects the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel near Deventer. The bridge over the IJssel was built between 1939 and 1943, but was blown up by the German occupying army d... Read more
Deventer is most beautiful when you view it from a distance. The city has a beautiful skyline that looms behind the IJssel. When you hear the word 'skyline', you don't immediately think of skyscrapers, but rather of a collection of building... Read more
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