Walking Millgrove's Memories

Walking Millgrove's Memories

Hamilton, Millgrove, Ontario L0R 1V0, Canada

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The Village of Millgrove lies just west of Highway #6 North, along the Fifth Concession Road. It was founded by David Cummins (1806-1887), one of the three sons of an early Upper Canada pioneer, Daniel Cummins. Rich soil, fish-filled streams and woodlands filled with oaks and pines provided an ideal home for these settlers. Several mills were established along the Grindstone Creek which meanders its way through the village – hence the name “Mill Grove.” Enjoy walking through modern Millgrove while appreciating what preceded it. In this small rural village, connect its storied past with the present day.

Images and information sourced from the Flamborough Archives, the publication "Millgrove Through the Years" and Ray Cummins, a local historian.

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A small white bridge and visiting ducks characterize the passage of the Grindstone Creek through Millgrove. The creek enters the village to north of the cemetery, continues eastward and crosses Highway #6 into East Flamborough. Today it is ... Read more
This corner lot was not only the site of the Old General Store but also the location of several businesses and mills. Before it was used as a corner store it was purchased by David Cummins from Solomon Washburn in 1842 and operated as a sma... Read more
This frame house, built close to the side walk is believed to date from 1850. It is surrounded by an attractive and well-tended garden like so many of the early Millgrove homes. It was built prior to the arrival of Roger Maynard who was the... Read more
Constructed between 1850 and 1865, this stone building has housed a number of village industries during its history. Barrels of apples from the Flamborough area were exported to England and Europe, and the apples that remained were dried ov... Read more
This historic frame house was constructed during the early 1850s as a parsonage for the Tabor Chapel of the New Connexion Methodist Church. The property to the left of this home was purchased in 1850 by the church from Albert Palmer for ,10... Read more
The Millgrove Cemetery dates from 1841 when Albert Palmer sold one acre to the cemetery board. However, burials as early as 1837 were recorded indicating that the cemetery was in use before it was legally established. In the early years man... Read more
This historic home has been occupied by the Cummins family throughout the years, a family synonomous with Millgrove and the surrounding area. Daniel Cummins (d. 1854), the father of the first settler in Millgrove, David Cummins, is thought ... Read more
This beautiful home was built about 1855 by Millgrove’s legendary Shipman Cummins, who among other things organized Millgrove’s first Sunday School. With his long flowing beard, he often appeared to the young in Millgrove to have steppe... Read more
The Millgrove Hall had been located directly opposite the entrance to Millgrove cemetery on land donated by Shipman Cummins. The hall had started as a New Connexion Methodist chapel which had been built by John A. Cummins in the north west ... Read more
Bullrushes and marsh-like vegetation is all that remains of a sparkling half-acre pond located across from the cemetery. The pond was dug to a depth of 2 1/2 to 3 feet by Shipman Cummins and stocked with valuable speckled trout. However, th... Read more
The first school in Millgrove was a one-storey frame building built during the 1840s and was situated on the farm of Charles Flatt. Students sat on benches around a sloping table which extended out from the walls. The second school was a sh... Read more
The Cummins family's association with Millgrove has been part of the village's history since the arrival of David Cummins and his wife Margaret Rymal in 1826. One of their sons, Charles Cummins and another Millgrove resident, John Ira Flatt... Read more
The first church services in Millgrove were held before 1848 in Millgrove’s first school building. In 1850 property was purchased in the heart of Millgrove to become the location of the New Methodist Connection Tabor Church. To the west o... Read more
This old house was built by John R. Markle (1825-1885) and his wife Margaret Carey (1827-1920). It was the home of Walter Culbert during the 1930s and 40s when he served as Principal at Millgrove Public School. The house and lot were bought... Read more
Burwell G. Ryckman, grandson of John W. Ryckman, a member of the 1st Cemetery Board in Millgrove, built this home in the late 1890s. One can notice the unusual gingerbread on two sides of the house are alike and resemble a fan, and the comp... Read more
At the turn of the 20th century, the first library in Millgrove was established by Rev. Judson Kelly and James Stewart, a school teacher. It was located in the school house on Millgrove Side Road near the Grindstone Creek, and consisted of ... Read more


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