Historical Hoboken Waterfront Tour

This tour gives a glimpse into historical Hoboken, which heavily relied on its waterfront, while also highlighting new and fun additions! Great for the whole family!

Historical Hoboken Waterfront Tour

Hoboken, New Jersey 07030, United States

Created By: GS Troop 12022

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Historical Hoboken relied heavily on its waterfront commerce, even becoming so well-known distribution-wise that the Lipton Tea Co. set up a packaging facility here. We are right across the river from New York City, with access to so much, and great views! Enjoy this historical waterfront tour, created by Girl Scout Troop 12022 in cooperation with the Hoboken Historical Society!

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In 1811, the first steam-powered ferries began service in Hoboken by John Stevens, an inventor who was also the founder of Hoboken. Lackawanna Station was formed in 1851, though the terminal was built in 1907 making it one of the Northeast‚... Read more
Pier A, similar to other Hoboken piers, used to be a shipping dock for the larger ship. It is located right next to the Hoboken Terminal. The pier was converted into a park in 1999. If you go to the edge of the pier, there is a very clear v... Read more
The Sinatra Park Amphitheater was built in 1988 in the style of a Roman amphitheater. It faces Manhattan, allowing nice views of the city skyline. The Hoboken Divison of Cultural Affairs typically organizes plays and musical events, and in ... Read more
June 19, 1846, was the first recorded baseball match hosted by Hoboken’s Elysian fields. It was the first game played with recognizably modern rules, and many baseball historians link this event to be the birth of modern baseball. During ... Read more
Castle Point is the highest point in Hoboken, its name a corruption of "Castille Point", because it was likened to the Castilian Coast of Spain. The land was bought by Colonel John Stevens, who turned it into an estate. Later, it was acquir... Read more
This is small park is where you can take your kids and dogs to play and could even be a place to admire the clear city view. This part of land was once owned by the Steven's family in 1784. This part is just a small part of the original pl... Read more
This is the Hoboken Historical Museum, established in 1986. This tour was created in partnership with the HHM to promote education on local history through fun activities. Be sure to have a look around the museum when you have a chance! ...
In 1913, Sir Thomas Lipton (originally an owner of grocery stores in the UK) created Lipton Tea Company, to sell better quality tea from Sri Lanka. He needed a place to easily package and ship the tea received from Sri Lanka, and Hoboken wa... Read more
The name 'Weehawken' comes from the Lenape tribe and can translate as "at the end of" so Weehawken cove means "at the end of the cove." This cove is a good place to go fishing, or kayak. You can also walk around the cove's edge on a pristin... Read more


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