Lekki Arts & Craft Market

Lekki Arts & Craft Market

Lagos, Lagos 106104, Nigeria

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Lekki Arts and Craft market is an absolute gem to both tourists and local residents. Located in Lagos, Nigeria, it is a large market, where vendors gather to sell various African crafts, such as paintings, sculptures, metalworks, woodworks, furniture, clothes, jewellery amongst other crafts.

Pro tip: Because you are dealing with the artisans directly, you'll find these goods a lot cheaper than in the city.

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This is the  starting point at the  entrance  of the market Play video attached to learn more  about the market  
In this section of shops (A3 - A11), you'll find woodcrafts here.  Wood carving has been an integral art form for expressing Nigerian culture and traditions, dating all  the way back to the 12th century. Cities such Benin, Lagos and Awka ... Read more
Shops B12 - B20 Metal work is an important part of Nigerian art, history and culture. Nok people of Nigeria who date as far back as the 6th century BC were skilled metalworkers who produced a variety of objects, including tools, weapons, ... Read more
Shops D6 - D14 Beads have played a vital role within Nigerian culture for centuries, and continue to be a significant part of the artistic and cultural heritage. They have been used in a variety of ways in Nigerian society e.g. as a part of... Read more
Traditionally, basket weaving is the process of weaving elastic materials like cane, palm frond, rubber, and metal wires among others into a basket. Walking through the market you will observe that basket  weaving has evolved to create fu... Read more
Nigeria's art scene is centered in Lagos, which is home to many of the country's top galleries, museums, and art institutions. Walking though the market one will see various shops filled with sculptures, paintings and all forms of art. Afr... Read more


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