ArchiTourLiege - 01. Architecture Walking Tour Art Nouveau & More: Guillemins - Liege

ArchiTourLiege - 01. Guillemins: Art Nouveau & More

ArchiTourLiege - 01. Architecture Walking Tour Art Nouveau & More: Guillemins - Liege

Liège, Région Wallonne 4000, Belgium

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Architecture tour in a part of Liege (Guillemins) with special attention for Art-Nouveau projects.

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Liège-Guillemins train station The station was founded in 1863 and has been renovated several times. In 1905, the World Exhibition in Liège prompted a  renovation, The Liège-Guillemins station is one of the busiest stations in Wallonia... Read more
Maison Pirnay Rue Dartois 44, Liège, Belgium Built 1907-1911 - Clément Pirnay architect  "The house that you built for yourself testifies to an effort of sincerity and artistic loyalty that I take highly", wrote, in 1912, Victor Horta in... Read more
The Gentry House, formerly known as the Bacot House, was designed by the Verviers architect Clément Pirnay, in collaboration with architect Paul Jaspar. It was built in 1922 and underwent a complete restoration of the facade from 2002 to ... Read more
Maison Alexis Rue Dartois, 31 - Family house The architect ingeniously invests the space on the ground floor and between the adjoining walls to bring to fruition a dense program, over six levels, intended for an organist. The ground floor i... Read more
Maison Piot (Maison des Francs-Maçons) Rue de Sélys 17, Liège, Belgium Built 1904 Victor Rogister architect  Oscar Berchmans sculptor 
Maison Gédéon Michel Rue de Rotterdam 31 Architect Paul Jaspar (1899) The house was originally part of a commission for two adjacent houses - including the now lost home of the painter Émile Berchmans - as part of the Jaspar project by t... Read more
Maison Rue de Rotterdam 11, Liège, Belgium Built 1904 Victor Rubbers architect 
Maison Questienne Rue Sohet 13, Liège, Belgium Built 1891 - Paul Jaspar architect  Paul Questienne, a civil engineer by training and road service inspector, is the sponsor of this residence built by Paul Jaspar, at the time a young archit... Read more
Creation of the Liège Design Center, allowing the public to discover the work of Liège Designers, but also allowing young designers access to a co-working space and a workshop. The Center is completed by two floors of offices for rent. Th... Read more
The Paradis Tower, often called the Finance Tower of Liège1, is a high-rise building built in the Guillemins district of Liège in Belgium. Its height, 118 meters - 136 with the antenna - makes it the tallest building in Wallonia. (2012-2... Read more
MARKET - LIÈGE, BELGIUM Architects: MDW ARCHITECTURE & H+G Architects Market Rue de Fragnée 51 Winner "Prize for Architecture and Urban Planning 2015" city of Liège This project is a new dimension and expression of economic and comm... Read more
HELMo Campus Guillemins ÉCOLE SUPÉRIEURE 2010-2013 — Luc Nelles Architectes associés Luc Nelles) Ing.: Lemaire (Nicolas Michel, BE IOA :Nathalie Horion (étude chromatique) MO:HauteÉcolelibremosane ...
Maison - Rue Vieux Mayeur 51, Liège, Belgium (1908) Architect Joseph Nusbaum   @RaymondDejong & @isartnouveau
Maisons Jaspar - Rue Vieux Mayeur 42-44, Liège, Belgium Built 1906 Paul Jaspar architect 
Maison Van der Schrick - Rue Vieux Mayeur 38, Liège, Belgium Built 1906 Paul Jaspar architect 
Surprising" modernist" entrance gate...
Résidence César Franck - apartment building Rue du Vieux-Mayeur 2 1953-1955 architect: Jean Poskin & Henri Bonhomme This building is the result of the beginning of the collaboration between Poskin and Bonhomme, two figures set to be... Read more
Infrabel regional headquarters Solvay space Located on a triangular plot below a railway line, the building forms a V: one of the wings faces the street, while the other runs along the rails. At the tip of the ground floor, the entrance is ... Read more
Val Benoit After the First World War, the University of Liège, which had based its activities in the historic center of the city of Liège since its foundation in 1817, was looking for new spaces to accommodate the important development of... Read more
Mechanics Institute UNIVERSITY BUILDING 1932-1939 Architect: Fernand Campus Rue Ernest Solvay 21 Inaugurated after the first institutes, the building is a variant of its two neighbors, in particular that of civil engineering, whose plan it ... Read more
Institute of Chemistry and Metallurgy university building 1930-1936 Rue Armand Stévart 2 - Architect Albert Puters Albert Puters, professor of civil architecture, adopts a language of dazzling simplicity: over the entire length of the str... Read more
Institute of Civil Engineering university building 1936   Quai Barning - Architect: Joseph Moutschen   Very sober in its design, the Institute of Civil Engineering is undoubtedly the main monument of the site, whose "exceptional value" He... Read more
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