Hiles Paddle MIles

Hiles to Brown's Bay via Snake Creek

Hiles Paddle MIles

New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32169, United States

Created By: Se7en Wetlands

Tour Information

You will start and end at Hiles Boat Ramp. This is a beautifull hidden oasis where you can kayak or paddleboard in between the mangroves.

Unload your kayak/paddleboard at the west end of Hiles Ave, then park 2 blocks to the East in the free parking lot (with restrooms). Please do not park at the ramp.

Check the wind speed and direction before leaving. If the wind is strong and coming from the south, it's better to do this loop clockwise. Otherwise, go counter clockwise.

Expect to see a lot of wildlife - birds such as herons, osprey, egrets, ibis, pelicans and many others are plentiful. It's likely you will encounter dolphins, please enjoy watching from a distance and do not approach them. Other than in boating channels, the water is pretty shallow, so watch out for the occasional oyster bed. The paddle will be smoother if you begin your journey as close to high tide as possible. If you decide to explore off your board or kayak, shuffle your feet or stick a paddle down first so you don't accidentally step on a sting ray - which will not end well.

Have fun! Explore, experience, enjoy and protect!

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What You'll See on the Tour

Drop your things at the ramp, park in the free lot 2 blocks to the east and don't forget to use the restroom before you begin.
Turn left when you leave the ramp, then shortly after starting out, turn right into the main channel. It is alright to feel overwhelmed by the beauty.
When you get to the spot where there is an island in the center of the channel, turn right to enter Webster Creek.  Watch out for slightly submerged oyster beds on the edges of the route. The safest route is to stay in the center as much a... Read more
When you first go towards Snake Creek, it narrows down quite a bit.  See the photos. Get ready to twist and turn through the creek.
It's often said that an Estuary is the "nursery of the ocean".  Mosquito Lagoon (part of the Indian River lagoon) is 28 miles long and covers 36,000 acres!  The water in this part of the estuary is typically as salty as the ocean.  There... Read more
There are too many species of birds to list here, but it's virtually impossible to take this paddle tour without seeing some amazing birds in flight, coasting on the water, or resting/hiding in the Mangroves.   You will almost definitely ... Read more
If you were to branch off to the left, you'll bypass Brown's Bay and pick up the loop in Callalisa Creek just before it connects with Indian River.  But Brown's Bay has a lot to see!
You'll see a Kayak trail marker for a different trail at the entrance.  You want to continue to the left in the Bay.   You are about half way done the loop.  You could turn around here and head back the way you came.  It's about the s... Read more
This is a popular area for Dolphins.  Look for Pelicans waiting to see if they can pick off any of the fish that the dolphins are after.  If you see some, please remember to stay away from them and not disturb their feeding!  
Stay to the left of the channel to avoid boats as the water is a bit deeper here and if the timing is right there will also be sandbars.  Sandbars can be a nice stop if you need to take a little rest. It is always good to hydrate. Notice... Read more
This left takes you into Webster Creek.  You might be able to see the tops of ocean-front condos to the east once you make your left turn.
At lower tides, you'll see some extensive oyster beds on your right.  Go around them and go diagonally across the water.  Once you get past the Oyster beds you'll see two channels, take the left one.  (Don't worry if you can't see the Oy... Read more
Once you see the small island, make a left.  You should immediately see a large white house with solar panels on the roof to the east.  If you don't you turned in the wrong place.  
On the left you will see a cut through that was man-made about 3 years ago, so it doesn't show up on most maps or satellite views.  Go through that and around the next point (don't make an immediate right after the cut through!)  Once you... Read more


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