Fairy Door Scavenger Hunt

Search for the hidden fairy doors in the Enchanted Forest of Sholom Park..

Fairy Door Scavenger Hunt

Ocala, Florida 34481, United States

Created By: On Top of the World, LLC

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Follow our magical map and take a walk through our Enchanted Forest. Make sure you search high and low for the Fairy Door hidden at every stop, but Do Not Disturb the Fairies. Learn all about fairies who live in our forest along the path with our Fun Fairy Facts.

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What You'll See on the Tour

Start your journey into the Enchanted Forest. Follow the magical blue line of fairy dust to the next stop and search for the first hidden fairy door along the path. The magical map shows you where you are with the small blue dot, use it to ... Read more
Luna the Moon Fairy She is fearless.  She loves to slide down moonbeams and sprinkle moonlight magic all over the park.  She has short silver hair and purple eyes. Her yellow wings glow like the moon.
Brier the Tree Fairy He keeps the trees healthy for the animals living in them.  He has brown hair and olive green eyes.  His leaf shape wings help him hide in the trees. 
Finch – A Bird Fairy He takes care of all his feathered friends.  He has red spiked hair and gray eyes. His large white spotted wings help him to fly high in the sky with his bird friends.  
Lilyana the Flower fairy She spreads purple pixie dust to help the flowers grow.  She has long wavy red hair and emerald green eyes.  Her wings are yellow with orange swirls.  
Talulah the Water Fairy She’s playful.  She loves to skip across the surface of the pond to tease the koi fish.  Her long blue hair flows behind her like a stream.  Her eyes are blue like the ocean and her wings are turquoise.    ... Read more
Tulip the Fairy of Love She spreads love everywhere she goes. Her hair is pink and curly, and her eyes are yellow.  Her heart shaped wings flutter with excitement when she sees kindness and love. ​
Breezy the Wind Fairy She is carefree.  She whispers sweet sounds as she blows through the forest.  Her long silver hair waves in the wind.  She has bright blue eyes and small silvery wings.     ​
Shadow the Shade Fairy He spreads pixie dust over the treetops to help the leaves grow so they can provide protection and shade from the sun.  He has yellow hair and lime green eyes. His has green leaf shape wings. ...
Reign the Rain Fairy His pixie dust helps bring rain for the plants and animals. He drinks dew from the grass and loves to dance in the rain.  He has white hair and hazel eyes that turn ocean blue when it rains. His wings are clear like ra... Read more
Melina the Honey Fairy She is small, fast and sweet as honey. She protects the bees as the pollenate the flowers.  She has short curly gold hair and dark brown eyes.  Her golden honeycomb wings shimmer in the sun. ...
Lumina the Sunshine Fairy She makes sure the plants and animals have sunlight to grow.  She has short blonde hair and yellow eyes.  Her fiery red wings shine like the evening sun.   ​
Oliver the Peace Fairy He tends to the Olive Trees to help them grow because they are a symbol of peace. He is very kind and gentle. He has curly blonde hair, olive green eyes and light blue and silver wings.  ​ ...
Rosebud the Rose Fairy She is tiniest fairy in the forest.  Her pink pixie dust releases the sweet fragrance of roses in the rose garden.   She has short purple hair and pink eyes.  Her wings are pink with lavender swirls.  ​ ...
Yara the Butterfly Fairy Her pixie dust is sweet like nectar and attracts butterflies.  She has short orange hair and fuchsia eyes.  Her wings look like a monarch butterfly.    ​
Saige the Wise Fairy He is an herbalist.  His uses flowers and herbs from the park to make healing pixie dust for the creatures living in the forest.  He has white hair and dark brown eyes.  His wings are green and yellow.  ​ ...
Arieh the Animal Fairy He protects all of the small animals in the park. They are his friends.  He has brown hair and hazel eyes.  He uses pixie dust from Saige to help heal the   animals that are ill.   ...
Jasmine the Fairy Princess Her name means Beauty. She makes sure all the fairies work together in peace and harmony to make everything look and smell beautiful.  She has long brown braided hair, tied with bright blue bows that match her e... Read more
Basil the King and ruler of the Enchanted Forest He protects all fairies and creatures that live there.  He has curly brown hair and blue eyes. His has large gold wings and wears a Gold Ivy Crown.


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