Center City West Tree Stroll

Discover Center City West's notable street trees

Center City West Tree Stroll

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104, United States

Created By: FSRP Tree Tenders

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Philadelphia's Center City West is a veritable arboretum of exceptional street trees. This is self-guided tour of 13 trees, all within a one-mile radius, that sends visitors into little-explored side trees and alleys to discover these hidden treasures. It includes not only information and folklore about the species but also highlights sites that range from cramped to generous, from ordinary to creative.

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2003 Cypress (2004 Spruce rear), 2000 and 2100 block of Cypress (don’t miss 2115 Cypress St.) About these specimens: The specimens on these two blocks of Cypress Street demonstrate the adage, “Right tree, right place.” This is what h... Read more
About this specimen: This towering tree is unusual not only for its size but also for the fact that it is an elm that has survived the onslaught of the Dutch Elm fungus. Survivors such as this one are used by botanists to develop tougher cr... Read more
About these specimens: Gingko trees that line both sides of this block of Delancey Street afford an opportunity to appreciate this city favorite. Many appear to be the same age, but some are growing much more vigorously than others. The re... Read more
About this specimen: Because Fitler Square is over a century old, it is very possible that this mature beauty was among its first plantings. Note that the tree is out of alignment with the square’s symmetrical layout. For this reason, the... Read more
About these specimens: Although a beloved tree for its fall color and unique seed balls, sweetgums do not appear on Philadelphia’s list of approved street trees. Nevertheless, mature sweetgums with a circumference over 24” such as these... Read more
About these specimens: It is worth noting the creative, naturalistic tree pits that mirror the trees’ asymmetry. Leaf type: Alternate leaves on twigs, 2 -4” long. Often spoon-shaped with pointed tip and finely toothed edges Bark: short ... Read more
About this specimen: It is pure serendipity that this bald cypress is flanked by dawn redwoods at 414 S. 24th St. and 2507 Waverly. Because these two species are often confused, this presents a wonderful opportunity to learn the difference... Read more
About these specimens: A unique opportunity to compare dawn redwoods and a bald cypress within two blocks. It is helpful that the first dawn redwood on 24th Street bears a plaque noting that it was planted 25 years ago. Compare its size to... Read more
About this specimen: This yard tree may be viewed this where it shades the sidewalk along Lombard Street. Leaf arrangement: sharp silvery blue evergreen needles sprout in bunches from spurs. Branches: One clue to discerning the difference b... Read more
About these specimens: Having been pruned recently, these six lindens located on the park’s south side bordering Delancey Street are worth checking out. In a park that boasts many mature trees, these lindens are its nicest specimens.  L... Read more
About these specimens: It is tough to pass up an opportunity to highlight a stand of Locust trees on Locust Street. These specimens cast dappled shade on the west and south sides of the apartment building, Locust on the Park. Also note how ... Read more
About these specimens: These three willow oaks are lovely examples of this beloved street tree. The generously long shared tree pit is worth noting. The open pavers in between the trees not only allow water and air to reach the roots but a... Read more
About this specimen: Another example of a beautiful giant whose admirers have allowed it to grow beyond its comfort zone. Is presently thriving despite the dangers posed by its cemented pit. Leaf type: leaves appear before flowers, 5 -10”... Read more


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