City of Pickens, SC. Tour

Tour of the Quilt Trail and historical sites throughout the City of Pickens, SC.

City of Pickens, SC. Tour

Pickens, South Carolina 29671, United States

Created By: Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail

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Tucked in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the City of Pickens offers residents and visitors a wide array of interesting, fun, and exciting activities, from shopping and eating to biking, to enjoying the natural resources, community events, and cultural activities that abound.

The City of Pickens Quilt and History tour is approximately 3-miles and is a free roaming tour that you choose where to start and stop while finding points of interst and opportunities to explore a wide variety of shops, eateries, and parks while following the Quilt and Tutrle Trails. Additional information about shops, eateries and events can be found on Visit City of Pickens, Pickens County Tourism site and Discover South Carolina.

Each of the hand-painted quilts you’ll view on the tour is a replica of the original fabric quilt. Click here to be directed to the UHQT website for additional information about each quilt and an interactive map for directions to UHQT locations. The number in front of the quilt name can be used to locate the quilt story from the search bar in the upper-right corner on the UHQT home page.

The City of Pipckens Tour App was funded by the Pickens County Accommodation Tax Commission.

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What You'll See on the Tour

Careful now as you run to the church right across the street. Walk past the front to the patio, where the faithful Presbyterians meet. I’m Hollingsworth, the Gopher Tortoise, laying only 4 to 7 eggs. I dig long dens with my strong shovel-... Read more
#200 To the Mountains Quilter:  Joy duBois Sponsor:  Pickens County Accommodation Tax Commission The original quilt To the Mountains, a small landscape piece, was created by Joy duBois of Seneca. When it came time to choose the quilt t... Read more
 #247 Mariners Compass Quilter Ellie Elzerman Sponsor Greater Pickens Chamber of Commerce Ellie Elzerman, veteran quilter and Pickens County resident, lives in the rural Central area and has a long fiber arts history beginning with learn... Read more
#282 Community Quilt Quilters Upcountry Quilters Guild Members Beth Eastman, Mary Pruitt, Paige Alexander, Rosemary Reinhardt and Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail (UHQT) Volunteers; Sue Hackett, Joy duBose, Mary Dee Rudy, Verla Warther, Bev M... Read more
Heading further west, to Florence Street you must go. The Chamber of Commerce welcomes you and gives out free info. I am the Diamondback Terrapin, Skyagunsta, it’s Cherokee. Also Andrew Pickens name, our hero who made this area free. I li... Read more
Back on Main Street, west you still must go. Come rest at our Amphitheater and like me, take it slow. I am the Mud Turtle, Ernest, who likes his water still and clean. In water throughout the state and the southeast I have been seen. I like... Read more
#236 Rhythm and Hues Quilter Jean Wachs Sponsor Pickens County Accommodation Tax Commission Rhythm and Hues is the unique creation of art quilter Jean Wachs. This quilt was made in 2016 for the Lake & Mountain Quilters Guild Show who... Read more
#235 Fire & Ice Quilter Libby Carter Sponsor Pickens County Accommodation Tax Commission This multi-colored modern quilt graces the building of Domino’s Pizza. The original quilt was made by Seneca quilter Libby Carter. She chose the... Read more
#147 Pickens Where the Mountains Begin Quilters and designers:  Elizabeth (Betty) Dalton and Angeline Byers Sponsor: Pickens County Accommodation Tax Commission .“The blue pieces represent the Blue Ridge Mountains; of course the orange ... Read more
Continue west to find the smallest turtle in the state. I’m Swimmy, the Musk Turtle, and tiny water creatures are my bait. I live in the water and need it to be clean, just like you! I swim in water and drink it, my prey lives there too. ... Read more
#142 Carpenter’s Wheel Quilter Una Welborn Sponsors Una & Harold Wellborn Mrs. Una Welborn, the original quilter, has made several Underground Railroad Quilts since joining the Upcountry Quilters Guild in 1992. She especially loves to... Read more
#261 Crazy Quilt Quilter Unknown Sponsors Judy Goosen & Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail Judy Goosen purchased this crazy quilt years ago from Sandy Henderson, a friend with an excellent “eye,” in Atlanta, Georgia. According to quilt hi... Read more
Turn right on Lewis Street by the side of the lot. Continue down the sidewalk to the historical marker spot. Search for the Snapping Turtle, Joab is my name. When looking for food all around the south, anything is fair game! The side steps ... Read more
#241 Hummingbird Quilter Joy duBois Sponsor Pickens County Accommodation Tax Commission. Hummingbird is UHQT’s interpretation of quilter Joy DuBois’ jewel-toned wall hanging of a hummingbird in flight. Joy says she especially loves t... Read more
Start on Main Street at the Legacy Square fountain. Begin your search where the water spouts higher. See Colonel, Amelia, Abraham & Amber, each a Red-Eared Slider. We live in fresh water all around the state. Basking on logs is our well... Read more
I’m the last turtle, Sparky, and I live where people learn. Go back to the fountain, down Jewel Street, and take a left turn. I’m the Eastern Box Turtle and I have a unique trick. Into my shell, my head, feet, and tail, can all stick. I... Read more
#134 and #149 Bicentennial Star Quilter Mrs. Mary E. Granger (1932-2008) Sponsor Hagood Community Center Fiber Arts Program This spectacular quilt is done in red, white, and blue, with four eagles and medallions of stars and tassels in cele... Read more
#256 Railroad Crossing Quilters:  Lucy Harwood and Cindy Blair Sponsor: Pickens County Accommodation Tax Commission The origins of the Pickens railroad date back to December 1890 when it was chartered by the state. The distance between t... Read more
 #210 A Landscape Quilter Dottie Moore Sponsor Pickens County Accommodation Tax Commission. Landscape was created by the well-known art quilter, Dottie Moore, whose work can be found in fine galleries throughout the world, Dottie has been... Read more
 # 210 B Buzz In Quilter: Joy duBois Sponsor Pickens County Accommodation Tax Commission Buzz In, a quilted wall hanging by Joy duBois and Sue Hackett is displayed inside Bee Well Honey. It was made at the request of the Upstate Heritage... Read more
#210 C Ode to a Sunflower Quilter:  Vivian Perry Sponsor Pickens County Accommodation Tax Commission Ode to a Sunflower, was created by Vivian Perry. Vivian’s inspiration for the Sunflower Quilt came from her love of the outdoors. She g... Read more
#120 D Star Puzzle Quilter: Alma Galloway Bruner Sponsor Pickens County Accommodation Tax Commission Star Puzzle, a vintage quilt from Donna Owen’s side of the family, was quilted by Donna’s grandmother, Alma Galloway Bruner, whom she ... Read more
#107 Blackford's Beauty Quilter:  Gail Sexton Sponsor:  Pickens County Cultural Commission The quilt was originally made by Gail Sexton. Mrs. Sexton told us, “I made a quilt called ‘Red Birds on Parade’ in 2012, using the Blackford'... Read more
Turn right down Pendleton Street to the museum, our old jail. Find me, Sequoyah, the Spotted Turtle, far down the nature trail. I will be in my natural habitat, a bog garden along the walk. I would speak in Cherokee if you could hear me tal... Read more
Start into the next block but turn down an alley on your right. Around in back is Storage on Main, with big flowers in sight. Find a Hawksbill Sea Turtle called Hope near the main door. They are green due to the body fat that they store. Th... Read more
#251 Affairs of the Heart Quilter   Beth Eastman Sponsor  Pickens County Accommodation Tax Commission Affairs of the Heart is a multiple quilt block installation inspired by a quilt made by Beth Eastman of Pickens, SC.  Three separate ... Read more
Go back to the fountain and turn right down the street. I am the Bog Turtle, Brick, waiting to greet. I live in the summer wetlands of the upcountry eating bugs. In the winter I hibernate in the cool, squishy mud. Come to the Burning Brick ... Read more
Go back to Main Street to the front of the Courthouse. Find the biggest turtle of them all weighing over 1000 pounds. I’m Henry, the Leatherback Sea Turtle, and I eat Cannonball jelly fish. Remember, I am also on the endangered species li... Read more
#249 Resting Place Quilter Gail Sexton Sponsor Pickens County Accommodation Tax Commission This lovely rendition of a lake and mountain landscape is based on a wall hanging designed and quilted by master quilter Gail Sexton of Sunset in P... Read more
Go back up to Main Street and continue one more block. My historic home, now Coyote Coffee, is where you will stop. Come inside and find much more than coffee. Best of all, you will meet me, the Painted Turtle, Pokey. In clean ponds and gra... Read more
Now head east into the next block, back towards town. Where I, the Chicken Turtle, Turbo, can be found. My home is the seasonal wetlands on the coastal plain. I like to eat crayfish and other invertebrates. Long ago people used to eat me fo... Read more


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