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Discover Santa Ana Public Art is a self-guided walking tour that will introduce you to the wide variety of artist creations which represent the ideas, values, and people that embody the Santa Ana identity. The Fourth Street Area in Downtown Santa Ana offers an ideal location to experience works of art that represent Santa Ana's past, present, and future in a variety of artistic styles and mediums. We hope that when you take the tour, you not only enjoy the works of art along the path, but also connect with the artists through their artwork.

"We aim to help identify and educate the community by using imagery that is derived from there rich culture and history and create a dialogue within these spaces." - artists Kimberly Duran and Bud Herrera (SOURCE)

On the tour, you'll notice that there are several pieces of art that are along - or close to - the path, but that are not included in the tour. These include graffiti art, sculptures, and smaller pieces of art located on alley walls or inside buildings. We encourage you to take a moment and appreciate these works of art just as much as the ones featured in Discover Santa Ana Public Art.

Part of Santa Ana's unique cultural identity includes the music featured in the walking tour. The band, Apollo Bebop, frequently performs in the Fourth Street area and has close ties to artist Michael Ziobrowski. Ziobrowski, who is featured in three stops in Discover Santa Ana Public Art, has also made the album and merchandising art for Apollo Bebop. The relationship between Ziobrowski and Apollo Bebop is just one example that demonstrates how the artistic culture of Santa Ana not only includes public art, but also performance art as a whole.

We recommend the parking structure on the north side of 3rd Street between North Broadway and Main Street for the most convenient parking location, which is also free on Sundays and Holidays.

Discover Santa Ana Public Art was created as part of the Mapping Arts OC project by Dr. Jamila Moore Pewu at California State, University Fullerton. Mapping Arts OC is a high impact public digital humanities project produced in collaboration with graduate and undergraduate students at California State University Fullerton (CSUF), artists and community partners throughout Orange County, California. This project uses digital tools to invite new spatial and cultural interpretations into existing conversations and historical narratives regarding public art and spatial practice in Santa Ana and the greater Orange County region. To explore the project in full including a multi-cited digital map, please visit

Contributors: Lionel Arellano, Jonathan Higbee, Katie Horstman, Tory Ingram, Gabriel Luebben-Rivera, Natalie Vandercook

For any inquiries, please email us at

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What You'll See on the Tour

The vibrant murals in Art Alley illustrate the rich culture and history of Santa Ana through a series of scenes painted by the Santa Ana Community Artist(a) Coalition. The Carousel Mural is a tribute to the carousel that once resided ... Read more
Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec god of wind, air, and learning is depicted via the use of aerosol cans in the style of new school tattoo design. This style is often characterized by the use of heavy outlines, vivid colors, and exaggerated depiction... Read more
British pop artist Ben Eine painted the bold, stylized words Sueños Revolucionarios (Revolutionary Dreams) on a solid black backdrop with beige and purple triangle patterns. Eine was self-taught by painting illegal street art throug... Read more
The Virgin de Guadalupe mosaic mural demonstrates the important connection between the Catholic Church and Chicano culture. The artist, Cheryl Eberly, was the 2017 Teen Librarian and Volunteer Coordinator at the Santa Ana Public Library. ... Read more
Located on the side of the historic Yost Theater in Downtown Santa Ana, Robots and Dragons was painted by internationally renowned artists group CMK via the use of spray paint. The mural combines classic 1950s American science fiction and... Read more
Something in the Sky was created by artists Jouvon Michael Kingsby (JOUVON) and Michael Ziobrowski (@xistheweapon). Kingsby painted his first mural in a bunker that had formerly been occupied by Saddam Hussein while he served in a fiftee... Read more
Left of the Dial is painted on Santa Ana's iconic record store, Left of The Dial Records. The mural depicts musicians and their instruments in a bright, cartoon style. The mini-mural was painted by Kristy Moreno (@freakanoodle) and @Baloo... Read more
Painted by Moises Camacho, Mission to Mars and the Red Planet contains realistic paintings of the different NASA Mars projects. The short quotes on the mural explain how Urban Tech is looking to build up the community through promoting ed... Read more
Located on the 2nd floor above the Wursthaus Gastropub in the Calle Cuatro Plaza, the words “Santa Ana” are stylized in old English font on a multi-color background. The mural welcomes visitors into Santa Ana and introduces them to cit... Read more
Isaias Crow (@isaiascrow) is an international muralist, speaker, and author. He is inspired by the spirit realm and even describes himself as a spirit guide. Isaias describes himself as a channel for his spirit guide, who he calls "Crow." U... Read more
The murals along the exterior wall of Shop Unlisted indulge the viewer in the bizarre and the unusual. Each mini-mural depicts objects in classic and pop artist styles meant to invoke the unique gifts and curious finds within the store ... Read more
Dino Perez (@dinoperez) is well known to Santa Ana. Perez has participated in local art showcases and has shared his vibrant paintings throughout the community. Perez incorporates Mexican folk art within his art in appreciation of the he... Read more
Life in the Golden City highlights historic landmarks in Santa Ana. The four-panel mural is painted on a utility box, and each panel features a different conic building in a golden-silhouette style that the locals may recognize. Art and a... Read more
PLAY VIDEO Painted by the Santa Ana Community Artist Coalition, the artists depict St. Anne blowing a kiss of life to the community of Santa Ana. The mural also depicts community gardens, nature, and flowers. The beauty shown was inspire... Read more
PLAY VIDEO La Adelita depicts Mexican Adelita in front of a Mexican flag and nopales. The mural is behind Hectors Mariscos Restaurant and was painted by Kimberly Duran and Bud Herrera. La Adelita is a culturally important symbol for the Me... Read more
We Are Santa Ana features a unique artistic medium compared to the other artwork in this tour: instead of the traditional paint and brushes, it was created with photography and digital editing. The utility box was artistically designed by... Read more
While other utility boxes in this tour focus on Santa Ana's city and community, in E-Koi Systemz artist Eddie De La Barca (@eddiedelabarca) utilized mood enhancing images. Eddie De La Barca takes us out of the city and hopes to bring a s... Read more
The Artist Village mural is a depiction of the Artist Village, which is situated in the Second Street Promenade in Downtown Santa Ana. Artists Village includes over forty galleries and design workshops and is home to the Grand Central Art... Read more
All artists (Michael Ziobrowski, Alicita Rojas [@alicitarojas], Thrashbird [@thrashbird], Angel Once [@angelonce], and Jerry Rodriguez [@jerryrodriguez]) involved on the Fourth element Gallery Murals are inspired by emotions. They build of... Read more
Border Wall was created by the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art. OCCCA was established in 1980 to showcase works of art from a variety of skilled artists. The “Border Wall” can be seen after a walk through the Artists’ Vil... Read more
Michael Ziobrowski uses his interest in art and music to create works of art. "I am most proud of the relationships my art is helping to create and build. I also feel that my dedication to not only my craft, but to being easy to work with a... Read more


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