The Avenue Concept Providence Downtown Public Art Tour 2024

This tour takes you through the public artworks produced and installed by The Avenue Concept. To learn more, visit

The Avenue Concept Providence Downtown Public Art Tour 2024

Providence, Rhode Island 02906, United States

Created By: The Avenue Concept

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Plan your visit and see Downtown Providence shine!

This tour is designed to guide you through all of the murals and sculptures that The Avenue Concept has installed in the Downtown Corridor. During your tour, we hope that you will support the local businesses and restaurants that make Downtown Providence so special.

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To make the most of your visit, plan what time you'll go and where you will park (check to see if 2 hr parking is free!), where you will eat/take out, what you will wear to stay warm. Check out the map and the points of interest in advance. You can follow our specific route or wander to artworks from any direction, simply pick your preference through the app.

At each stop

You can learn more about the artwork by watching videos and reading more in the app. Dig deeper and explore each piece by considering our ~Take A Closer Look~ questions. If you are really enjoying your adventure, pull out a pen and paper and answer some of these more in-depth creative prompts in our Art Explorer creativity guide.

Two things to remember as you set off to discover:

Public art never closes! Public art is made to be enjoyed by the community as a source of inspiration, conversation, and engagement. Free and open to the public. If you love something, ask yourself why. If you don't, dig into that too! Art is meant to be an active way of engaging with the world. It’s something we all need.

YOU make public art happen. At The Avenue Concept, our tagline is "we make public art happen together". Our small-but-mighty team imagines public art installations, works with amazing artists to help implement those projects and then shares the stories of those artists and artworks with the community in order to make our cities more beautiful, livable, viable and safe. But as a nonprofit, we rely on people like you to help us make that happen through financial support, volunteering, and sharing what we do with your friends and family. Thank you! With your help, we make public art happen.

Tag your visit! @avenuepvd #avenuepvd #publicartnevercloses Visit us on the web!

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What You'll See on the Tour

Exhibit details coming soon. Material: C2 Paint, Montana Gold Spray Paint Artist IG:  @_lena_mac_ Sponsors: Tiny Bar ~TAKE A CLOSER LOOK~  What words or ideas come to mind when you look at this mural? Why does the mural make you think ab... Read more
Michael Alfano creates sculptures that are figuratively based, surreal, philosophical, and evocative. He sculpts in clay, then casts in bronze and other materials. Quotes often accompany his sculptures. Self Reflection, red painted aluminum... Read more
Ryan Adams’ “Stay Strong, Fight On” on One Ship Street offers a message of hope, encouragement, and resilience. In an interview with WPRI, Ryan said, “With the majority of my pieces, since there is a statement embedded within, I try... Read more
Location: Thames and Kosmos Fun and Funner is a whimsical tribute to Providence’s regional trivia and tradition, with references spanning centuries. This lighthearted mural stands on its own as a bustling scene that could “easily double... Read more
To say that Aryz is one of the biggest names in street art worldwide might actually be a bit of an understatement. The art magazine Juxtapoz has called his murals “game-changing” and Street Art News says “he’s one of the most talent... Read more
Location: 118 Orange St. The son of refugees from Cambodia’s brutal Khmer Rouge regime, Hem was inspired by our city’s robust Cambodian community to create the image you see here. Working from a photo of a young girl he encountered in ... Read more
Location: 32 Custom House "Still Here” was created in co-operation with the Tomaquag Museum. The image features a contemporary young Indigenous woman holding the portrait of Princess Redwing, a Narragansett and Wampanoag elder, historian,... Read more
Location: 35 Weybosset St (street side) “With the warm weather, sound and commotion return to the streets of Providence– eliciting nostalgia for neighborhood gatherings in the ambient glow of city lights, and the hum of skateboard and b... Read more
Location: Back of facade next to 45 Weybosset Street Marius Keo Marjolin created “Fire Season” at 35 Weybosset St (lot side) as part of TAC’s Weybosset Residency.  Their design is inspired by Khmer art forms such as dance, theater, ... Read more
Arthur Cayo is a Brooklyn native who is currently based in Providence’s Olneyville neighborhood. His art has typically been portrait-focused, but in the wake of the pandemic and protest movement in 2020, he began working on public murals,... Read more
Lara Henderson is a book artist, printmaker and designer based in Providence. She prints out of AS220, a community print shop located Downtown. This piece is inspired by her grandmother’s diamond, which Lara has been wearing every day si... Read more
Insider's Tip: There are SO many amazing places to eat and drink around Westminster Street that we can't pick just one. InDowncity always has the word on what's happening with shops, restaurants and bars. Their Take Out, Dining & Sh... Read more
Location: Near 134 Mathewson St Salt Water by Garden of Journey (Georgie Nakima) explores a theme of creative energy versus destructive energy, featuring two imaginary figures who serve as yin and yang. It is based in Afrofuturism, a cult... Read more
Natural is a multimedia artist who works primarily in large-scale spray paint and often features flora and fauna as design elements. This piece depicts a Siamese fighting fish. “It resembles how I perceive people in life,” he says. “... Read more
Insider's Tip: We love Trinity Brewhouse. (Also, shout out to Providence Painted Signs who did the Trinity Rep Mural!). Location: Empire St. x Fountain St. Installed: June 2023 Lydia Musco is an artist from New England whose work has been e... Read more
Location: Exchange Terrace x Francis St. Continuous Line V (levity), 2022 is a doodle, unscripted, enacted in slow motion. It is made of lengths of thick-walled steel pipe (2-⅜” diameter), which are bent with hydraulic assistance into p... Read more
Location: Fountain St. x Dorrance St. Bioswales are similar to rain gardens, but often more linear, and specifically created to capture the significant amounts of stormwater that accumulate in heavily paved areas such as this junction of D... Read more
Location: Kennedy Plaza Lionel Smit's MORPHOUS is an exploration of hybrid identity and its ever-changing nature within South Africa's social landscape. This particular piece evokes a question of time, of past and future, and the balance po... Read more


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