The University of Wyoming Posthuman Tour

This tour will examine the various places where the posthuman emerges on the University of Wyoming’s campus in Laramie, WY.

The University of Wyoming Posthuman Tour

Laramie, Wyoming 82070, United States

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Welcome to the University of Wyoming Posthuman Tour! You may be wondering, “What is the Posthuman?” or “What does the Posthuman have to do with the University of Wyoming?” The purpose of this tour is to answer both of these questions.

Posthumanism is a critical perspective that challenges the physical and conceptual boundaries of the “human.” While there is no consensus on the exact definition of Posthumanism, it is generally understood as a rejection of a human-centered point of view and the concept of a universal human experience. Posthumanism acknowledges that our notion of the “human” is continually changing with the emergence of new technologies. According to Posthumanism scholar N. Katherine Hayles, “the posthuman view thinks of the body as the original prosthesis we all learn to manipulate, so that extending or replacing the body with other prostheses becomes a continuation of a process that began before we are born” (from How We Became Posthuman, pp. 3). In other words, part of being human is learning to extend our mental and bodily capacities using prostheses or tools.

If you’re still confused about the concept of the Posthuman, that’s okay! In fact, that’s probably normal. It’s always easier to show than to explain a concept. That is the purpose of this tour: to show examples of the posthuman presence on UW’s Laramie campus. Enjoy the tour!

Note: All images and information in this tour are taken from the University of Wyoming’s website, unless indicated otherwise.

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What You'll See on the Tour

Anybody who has spent time at the University of Wyoming – or even in the state of Wyoming – is likely familiar with the image of the cowboy riding a bucking horse. This figure is often referred to as “Steamboat” and has “been the ... Read more
There is perhaps no more important resource on a college campus than the IT (information technology) center. College education relies heavily on the use of technology. Students are expected to use computers to check their email regularly, r... Read more
Located on the ground floor of Coe Library, the Student Innovation Center is a relatively new feature of UW’s campus. The Coe Student Innovation Center (CSIC) is run by the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. According to their w... Read more
Half Acre is the main recreation, fitness, and wellness center at the University of Wyoming’s main campus. The facility includes a strength and cardio center equipped with over 100 pieces of fitness equipment, a pool & spa, rock wall,... Read more
According to the Wyoming Business Council, “Wyoming culture is steeped in ranching and farming… Agriculture is the state’s third-largest industry, contributing $1.8 per year to the Wyoming economy.” Wyoming, of course, has historica... Read more
Located in the Energy Innovation Center, the Shell 3D Visualization Center is meant “to create and maintain a community of empowered users who will drive the enhancement of teaching and research at UW, by utilizing visualization technolog... Read more
The final stop on our UW Posthuman Tour, the Harry C. Vaughan Planetarium is located in the basement of the Physical Sciences Building (room D-10). The planetarium offers a variety of educational shows, including shows on Mayan Astrology, B... Read more


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