Tai Po in the past

Through visiting the old building in Tai Po to understand the habit and the culture of Tai Po citizens in the past

Tai Po in the past

New Territories Hong Kong

Created By: Ivan Chan

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After visiting several historical places in Tai Po to understand the past lifestyles in Tai Po. Also could see the development and change of Tai Po between past and present. Besides knowing how Tai Po developed from a forest to an urban city.

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Mark of the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong in 1997 In 1898: The Second Convention of Peking was signed          -> "New Territories" were leased  New Territories' residents started the armed resistance with the British govern... Read more
the first permanent Police Station built in the New Territories objection from local inhabitants in the New Territories towards the British occupation the British hoist the Union flag on 16th April 1899   utilitarian & colonial archite... Read more
Government administration and land registration for the northern part of the New Territories Function Magistrate’s Court (until 1961)       District Office (1983) the Environmental Protection Department — Tai Po Branch Office (1... Read more
Hong Kong Railway Museum  is an open-air museum, occupying about 6500 square meters It converted from the old Tai Po Market Railway Station  The old Tai Po market was built in 1913 It was declared a monument in 1984 Refurbished and opened... Read more
Man Mo Temple was opened in 1892 A venue for meetings, arbitration and worship in Tai Wo Market Town It is tribute to Man Chong (God of Literature) and Mo Tai (God of Martial Arts) Built of traditional Chinese style  Declared a monument in... Read more
Aim to connect the Tai Po Old Market and Tai Wo (Tai Po New Market) without crossing the Lam Tsuen River by cable ferry The original Kwong Fuk Bridge was built in 1896 during the Qing Dynasty In 1898 and 1957, the British Hong Kong expanded... Read more
The Lam Tsuen area had over 700 years of history since the Song Dynasty  According to the traditional culture and local superstition, people believe that the banyan trees of Lam Tsuen had a magical power→ make the wishes come true How: W... Read more


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