Burlington Iowa Jefferson Street

Enjoy your day experiencing Burlingtons Historic places too shop and eat!

Burlington Iowa Jefferson Street

Burlington, Iowa 52601, United States

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Great place to spend some time! This street is the main street in Burlington for Shopping and Dining. It has been that way since 1833. As you walk look-up at the Historic facades. The Burlington era of high growth and business stability was 1895 to 1929. This was during the Gilded Age. Many people from Boston, New York, and Washington came here to seek their fortunes in business. Burlington was the well-established gateway to the "Gold" and other opportunities the Western Territories offered.

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210 Jefferson The John David building

The John David building. This building was originally constructed in 1870. In the 1870s and 1890s, it had a real estate, doctors, and Lawyers offices.1979 through 1993 It was Camera Land. This is a brick building. This building had segment... Read more
218 Jefferson Schram Building

J.S. Schramm first opened its doors in 1845. with a stock of groceries which soon expanded to include drivers and apparel. Iowa was not yet a state and Burlington was only 12 years old. The first Schram store was at the corner of Main an... Read more
300 Jefferson Rand/Ranke/Tama Building

E. D. Rand built this building for manufacturing upholstered furniture and wholesale-retail sales for that furniture as well as carpets, curtains, damask and wallpaper. The main building is 90 feet from the curb to the cornice. The found... Read more
310 Jefferson St. H. A. Brown Building

In 1895 this building was built by Chittenden and Eastman Furniture Manufactures to be a showroom for their furniture. It had many tenets. Troxel Bros furniture was the first in 1896. The next tenet was Brown Shoes followed by White Furnit... Read more
312 Jefferson Gypsi women's clothing

This building was built in 1867 by Hedge-Ransom-Palmer. The first tenant was a Fur and Hat store followed by a Words Fair store in 1892. It is currently occupied by a Women's Accessories store.
314 Jefferson "Diggers" Coffee Shop

1874 to 1880 This was the Suprise Millinery store. It remained a Millinery store until 1905. From 1912 to 1958 it was F.W. Woolworths. The upper floor was a Dentist office. Currently, it is a Coffee shop that serves food and coffee.​ ...
416 Jefferson Street The "LOFT"

From 1893 to 1934 this building was the John Boesch Department store. Then it became the Zephyr Theatre. Currently, it is owned by the Methodist Church. The first floor is a Trade Free store and meeting room. The second floor is a banquet r... Read more
420 Jefferson "Mundt" Piano

This building was built to be a Masonic lodge which was on the 3rd floor in 1883. The first floor was a boot and shoe company "Droegmeyer"  from 1884 to 1893. It was followed by John Boesch Department store 1893 to 1934. The first floor is... Read more
500 Jefferson "Bent River Brewing"

In 1890 G.W.Turner, flour/feed/fruit was located here. In 1928 fire broke out here. J.C. Penny rebuilt the building with a Spanish roof garden. It was J.C. Penny's from 1928 until 1970. The current owner is Bent River group. They have a Br... Read more
514 Jefferson "Ivy" Bakery and Restaurant

In 1869 four brick stores were built here by J. Forney and Samuel Mellinger. First tenants were Kiesling bakery, Bickenbach (Saddles and Harnesses) and Buettner Co. In the years following 1900, there were Singer Sewing Machines, Grocers, C... Read more
520-Buttner Co. - Original Cyn's

1869 Charles Buettner & Co occupied 520 Jefferson. This was followed by William d. Fritts Drugs.  In 1892 Singer Manufacturing did business here. In 1906 you could buy Cigars at Gebhard Schupps. In 1916 you could attend a show at the ... Read more
608 Dehner Seed

in 1895 W. F. Hayden built these buildings. 1n 1889 The Bee Hive was located here. 1907 Burrus sold granite and marble monuments. 1919 Dehner Seed and supply started here. Currently, new opportunities are available here. The architecture ha... Read more
622 Fritts Brothers Drug Store Currently Lindo Mexico

In 1870 you could get your pharmacy needs met at Fritts Brothers Drug Store. Ezra Narnan had a clothing store here in 1922. George W. Hauber sold harness/saddles here in 1907. in 1928 this store sold groceries under the FARMERS Store name.... Read more
623 Hope Haven store

This is a wonderful not-for profit store supporting the HOPEHAVEN Mission.
613 / 615 The Paddle Wheel Lounge

In 1873 this building was built by Andres Ganz. After a fire, a saloon was built and Wells and Hirsch hide's occupied this space. David Schenk sold cigars out of here in 1880. In 1840's a Tavern and restaurant as well as a coffee shop locat... Read more
611 Jefferson Coleen's Hidden Gems Boutique

Henry Beck built this building in 1874. Mort G. Steece was a pharmacist here. In 1907 Augusta Deterick sold millinery goods here. It was a tea shop in 1928. 1948 it became a tea shop named Benner Tea. The current owner has a hidden gems b... Read more
517 Jefferson Olive Wine - 1886 Lattner Ice Cream/restaurant

1882 was the construction time for this building. It was built for G.B. Carpenter that had Hawkeye tin shop here. The Bee Hive department store came in 1899. In 1928 it became a confection store. Mallandt tailors resided here from 1906 to ... Read more
515 Jefferson Primitive Antiques 1892 Petit & Clark Grocers

This space is the second half of the building built by G.B. Carpenter in 1882. The first tenant was THE FAIR store 1885. In 1913 it became Gately Herring Department store. 1950 it was the Mode of Day store. The current occupant is a vinta... Read more


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