Dendrology Final Tour

Dendrology Final Tour

Middletown, Connecticut 06457, United States

Created By: Chloe Flagler-Hess

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The forests of Connecticut are almost entirely made of temperate deciduous habitats with some wetlands throughout the state. They’re dominated by multiple species of oaks and hickories. Beech, birches, and maples are also common. Wildlife is fairly hard to see here, but you can find the more common animals like deer, turkey, fox, coyote, hawks, eagles, owls, raccoons, crows, pigeons, and squirrels here. Mink, beaver, fisher, hummingbirds, and osprey are also present but much harder to see.

Most of the land is considered timberland, harvested for lumber regularly. The other forests are usually in public parks, on private land, or in wildlife reserves. Our forests are usually broken up by urban development, it’ll be hard to find large forests outside of the northern parts of the state. Litchfield and Middlesex counties are by far the most densely forested.

Brief History:

In the 1800s only about 25% of CT was forested. The wood was mainly used for construction lumber and fuel. Bears, wolves, mountain lions, elk, and grouse were forced out due to habitat loss and moved farther up north. Farming was always fairly hard in CT compared to other states because of the wetlands and harsh winters. Once the industrial revolution started it didn’t take long for farming to become basically impractical for most people in the state. Forests took over the abandoned fields and the state put more funding into conservation efforts. Now, about 60% of the state is forested. Chestnuts were unfortunately wiped out for the most part after the Chestnut blight in the 1900s, replaced by oaks and hickories. Ashes have also taken a huge hit from invasives like gypsy moths and ash borers. Dutch elm disease has also posed a huge threat in recent years. Urban development also limits most of the forests to small area sn restricts their gene pools. Other than that though, our forests are generally healthy and responsibly managed.


Nones of these areas are especially treacherous or harsh, so you won’t need to worry about bringing lots of supplies. All I would suggest is long pants to avoid getting ticks on you. Some of these areas will also have lots of poison ivy and pricker bushes. You will also have to drive between some of these areas.

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What You'll See on the Tour

                                                    Honeylocust                                                          (Gleditsia Triacanthos) This tree can be found in my neighborh... Read more
                                              American Sycamore                                                         (Platanus Occidentalis) This tree can also be found near my house, o... Read more
                                                     Norway Maple                                                              (Acer Platanoides) This tree is actually planted right ... Read more
                                                      Black Oak                                                           (Quercus Velutina) This tree is also found in my yard, right a... Read more
                                                 Littleleaf Linden                                                              (Tilia Cordata) This tree is found to the side of my hou... Read more
                                                      White Oak                                                               (Quercus Alba)  This particular tree can be found alon... Read more
                                                 American Beech                                                            (Fagus Grandifolia)  This tree can be found along the same wa... Read more
                                                       Sassafras                                                            (Sassafras Albidum) This tree is found a little way off th... Read more
                                                       Tuliptree                                                        (Liriodendron Tulipfera)  This tree can be found right along th... Read more
                                                 Eastern Hemlock                                                            (Tsuga Canadensis)  This tree can be found pretty far into t... Read more
                                               Eastern White Pine                                                             (Pinus Strobus) This tree can be found behind the soccer fie... Read more
                                                  Norway Spruce                                                                (Picea Abies) This tree can be found a few feet away fro... Read more
                                                     Sweetgum                                                       (Liquidambar Styracifula)  This tree can be found next to the tennis... Read more
                                                     Paper Birch                                                           (Betula Papyrifera) This tree can be found along the edge of ... Read more
                                              American Hornbeam                                                         (Carpinus Caroliniana) This tree can be found along the river leadin... Read more
                                                 Weeping Willow                                                           (Salix Babylonica)  This tree can be found right outside of my ... Read more
                                           American Basswood                                                         (Tilia Americana)  This tree can be found in Butternut Park, right alon... Read more
                                              Shagbark Hickory                                                             (Carya Ovata) This tree can be found along the same ridge, high... Read more
                                                  White Spruce                                                             (Picea Glauca) This tree can be found farther away from the la... Read more
                                                 Mountain Laurel                                                             (Kalmia Latifolia)  This particular shrub can be found all... Read more


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