Paros Walking Tour in Parikia

Various sights in Parikia while waiting for the Ferry

Paros Walking Tour in Parikia

Paros, 844 00, Greece

Created By: Richard Archer

Tour Information

Highly reccommend to grab lunch at Ephessus before the tour begins (about a 6 minute walk away from ancient cemetary)

Major Sights Include:

-Ancient Cemetary

-Paros Archaeological Museum

-Church Panagia Ekatontapiliani

-Frankish Castle

-Old Town Paros

-The Windmill of Paros

Be sure to visit the many botique shops along the way!

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What You'll See on the Tour

One of the most important ancient cemeteries of Cyclades. Archaeological evidence shows that it was in use from the 8th century BC till the 3rd century AD. There are walls dividing the cemetery and the ancient town. Back in antiquity, the... Read more
The museum was founded in 1960 and consists of two rooms and an atrium. Entry is only 3€ The important exhibits of the museum include: -Marble statue of Gorgon (Museum No. 1285), height 1.35 meters. It is almost entirely preserved. Dating... Read more
Panagia Ekatontapiliani (literally the church with 100 doors) is a historic Byzantine church complex. The origin of the church's name is obscure, as it does not have one hundred doors, or gates. One theory suggests that it is a corrup... Read more
Greek creators of handmade sandals since 1935. Definitely getting a pair. 
The splendid Frankish Castle is one of the most enduring monuments on the island of Paros. It was built in the 1200s by the Venetian Sanoudos. Scholars believe that the castle was built from the vestiges of an assortment of ancient sanctuar... Read more
The only extant parts are from the archaic temple of Athena (iero tis Athinas) (6th century BC) on the top of the hill. Beside the temple's foundations research has revealed part of the protocycladic settlement. Strolling inside Kastro we c... Read more
Cool section of Parikia. Cobbled streets, narrow walk ways with the high walls, and beautiful architecture. 
The traditionally whitewashed windmills characterize the Greek islands and mainly the Cyclades, working as symbols of local architecture. In Paros particularly, such windmills are found all around the island. Some are kept in the traditiona... Read more


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