Trees of Woodland Park

Hasbrouck Height, New Jersey

Trees of Woodland Park

Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey 07604, United States

Created By: Unity College

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This walking tour gows through a landscaped path which leads to Woodland Park. You can wear whatever you would like as long as you have good quality shoes because the path is covered in only grass and all the trees are located along its edge. Though the area is suburban, the park and path are situated on what was once a temperate decious forest. Remenats of this past can be seen in some of the species present, though there are a few non-native species present as well.

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Location Description:  Eastern Hemlock is typically found on moist slopes, rocky areas, and narrow stream valleys at elevations of 0 to 5,900 feet. This particular tree can be found at the opening of the path by the beggining of the chain... Read more
Location Description: Canadian Yews are found in moist, cool soil in rich woods, hardwood and conifer forests, swamps, ravines and banks. This particual tree is located behind a pile of discarded plastic fence posts which are seen a li... Read more
Location Description: Black Locust trees are typcially found in fields, thickets, young woods, and roadsides at elevations of 500 to 5,000 feet. This particular one is the largest tree on the right side of the path.  Rational for Includi... Read more
Location Description: Quince trees are ornamental trees that grow in fertile and moist soild with good drainage in full sun. This particual quince tree is only a sapling and is groing along the edge of the fence directly next to a smalle... Read more
Location Description: Atlus Cedars form forests on mountainsides at 1,370 to 2,200 m (4,490 to 7,220 ft), often in pure forests, or mixed with Algerian Fir. This particual tree species is not native to this area but this specific example ... Read more
Location Description: Quaking aspens are found in diverse, mixed conifer forests, hardwood forests, in rocky to clay to sandy soils at elevations up to 10,000 feet. This tree is found at the front of a pure stand of quaking apsen that is fo... Read more
Location Description: Mockernut hickories are found on sandy to rocky uplands and occasioanly bottomlands at elevations up to 3,000 feet. This particular tree is found in isolation at the beggining of the chainlink fence that surround the p... Read more
Location Description: Black cherry trees can be found in a wide variety of habitats except those that are very wet and very dry at elevations up to 5,000 feet. This particular tree can be found isolated in the middle of the chain link fence... Read more
Location Description: White Oak are found anywhere from moist, fertile valleys to sterile mountains, elevation to 5,200 feet. This paticular is the first tree in a row of white oak that extend the vector of the parks chainlink fence on your... Read more


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