Redmond Lights 2020

Redmond Lights: Month-long art and light installation

Redmond Lights 2020

Redmond, Washington 98052, United States

Created By: City of Redmond Parks & Recreation

Tour Information

Redmond Lights 2020 is a winter experience consisting of a month-long art and light installation in Redmond’s Downtown Park (December 4th - January 3rd, 2020). Festivities have been extended this year to allow for physical distancing and safety precautions. Follow the lights down Cleveland and 164th by foot or by car to Redmond Town Center where the festivities continue with Santa, business window decorating contests, and blinker stops. Honoring the holiday spirit that is an integral part of the community, this years’ experience will emphasize hope, joy, and safety in a new way. Learn more at

This year's Redmond Lights was made possible by the generosity of our sponsors: Redmond Town Center, Experience Redmond, Microsoft, Evergreen Healthcare, Minuteman Press of Redmond, and BECU.

Redmond Downtown Park address: 16101 NE, Redmond Way, Redmond, WA 98052

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Art Title: "Virtual Shelter" Artist: Seattle Design Nerds 2020 has been a paradigm shift in the way we work, interact, network, and relax, causing us all to navigate new compartments and barriers. Virtual Shelter is a symbol and landmark to... Read more
Light Installation: Santa's Workshop/North Pole Visit Santa's workshop at the North Pole! Are one of these gifts for you? Follow the lights down Cleveland and 164th to see the jolly red guy in person. Just as there are many winter traditi... Read more
Light Installation: Moravian Stars (Hanging from the light poles on Cleveland Street) A Moravian star is an illuminated Advent, Christmas, or Epiphany decoration popular in Germany and in places in Europe and America where there are Moravi... Read more
Art Title: "Bergy Bits" Artist: Chris Chernow Visit often to see how this art transforms as it melts! Bergy Bits are chunks of ice that break off of icebergs and float in the ocean.  Bergy Bits are emblematic of the dramatic ice loss occu... Read more
Art Title: "Your History Museum" Artist: Nina Vichayapai Discover a collection of clay and resin objects and portraits representative of the diverse communities in Redmond from past to present. The items are shown in a display case built ... Read more
Art Title: "Winter's Delight" Artists: Nikole & Joy Dixon Winter's Delight showcases crocheted unique snowflakes. This artwork stands 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide and is illuminated with black lights. Using various crochet techniques th... Read more
Light Installation: Candy Canes and Snowflakes Candy Canes and snowflakes like the trees along Redmond Way. Read below for some interesting facts about candy canes and snowflakes and their connection to winter traditions. Candy Canes: Did y... Read more
Art Title: "I Don't See Color" Artist: Hasaan Kirkland "I Don't See Color", is a 5' x 9' conceptual abstract assemblage of wood, solar LED and powered lights, chicken wire, and light reflective CD's.  This 3-dimensional, temporary public w... Read more
Art Title: "Mexican Lanterns" Artists: Hinojos & Jimenez Art Light and color create lively movement within traditional Mexican holiday designs and patterns on these hand-made lanterns by Hinojos & Jimenez Art.    ...
Light Installation: Love, Redmond The heart is a universal symbol of love and symbolic of affection, unity, and care. It is a symbol shared in a variety of ways, millions of times each day. What do you love about Redmond? This 25' heart in... Read more
Art Title: "Penumbra" Artist: Daniel Kytonen Penumbra is the word for the transition space between shadow and light. As light pushes against the central form, it transforms this object of reflection, creating a conversation between the ligh... Read more
Art Title: Untitled (Heron) Artist: William Schlough Created specifically for Redmond Lights in 2018, this oversized blue heron is taking off, inviting viewers to reconnect with the abundant natural wonders of the Samammish River. Shaped f... Read more
Light Installation: Penguin Island Jolly penguins frolic and play on this icy island of joy! Did you know that a group of penguins in the water is called a raft, but on land they are called a waddle?  Here are some other fun facts about p... Read more
Light Installation: Giant Christmas Lights A border of "giant" Christmas lights line the sidewalk behind the Buoyant stage. The tradition of adding cheerful lights to dark winter nights began in ancient times when people gathered around fir... Read more
Light Installation: Toy Train Santa's Express is bringing wonderful toys and treats to all the good girls and boys of Redmond! This toy train is a popular light installation that has been on display at Redmond Lights for many years. Did you... Read more
Art Title:  Sul.tˤa (Arabic: سلطة ) Artist: Koloud Tarapolsi This sul.tˤa / سلطة , an Arabic word that means position of power, and evolved into “sultan”, was designed by Libyan artist Koloud Tarapolsi. It is loosely inspir... Read more
Light Installation: Illuminated Trees A small grove of trees with white lights to bring light to a dark night. 
Art Title: "Rain Village" Artist: Soo Hong As a recent immigrant, Soo Hong is realizing the importance of inclusion and connection inside the community. Since moving to the U.S., she started painting “Raindrops” so that she could feel l... Read more
Buoyant Stage Video presentations featuring multiple artists. The entire program length is 46 minutes and 14 seconds. Below you will find the descriptions, artist, and individual length for each performance. Art Title: The Cat-Friend Cloud ... Read more


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