Self-Guided Graffiti Trail

B-SIDE Hip Hop Festival 2020

Self-Guided Graffiti Trail

England B5, United Kingdom

Created By: Birmingham Hippodrome Festivals

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A self-guided graffiti walking tour as part of B-SIDE Hip Hop Festival 2020 - With the graffit elements co-produced by Hi Vis Street Culture Festival.

Follow the (socially-distanced) graffiti trail to see existing pieces of street artwork created by some of Birmingham’s best street art talents.

New artwork has been comissioned as part of the festival weekend taking place 25th - 27th September 2020 including a brand new mural (point 17 on the trail) at the rear of The Southside Building.

Find out more about the rest of the B-SIDE Hip Hop Festival 2020 programme by visiting the website or our social media pages.

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What You'll See on the Tour

The starting point of the self-guided tour, Birmingham Hippodrome is a cultural hub that gives everyone the chance to experience unforgettable theatrical performances, arts and culture. B-SIDE Hip Hop Festival is an annual festival produce... Read more
One of two pieces of artwork by Genius Creations along the route - the 'Cross With Pride' walkway - taking central stage in the pedestrianised area of Hurst Street.  Artist James Cowper of Genius Creations has said it brings a much-needed... Read more
Heading down Ladywell Walk and taking a quick look into Wrottesley Street, at the far end you will see a large scale piece of street art, one of many pieces of artwork created by Birmingham based Gent48 along the route.  Gent 48, aka Josh... Read more
Enter The Arcadian from Ladywell Walk and on the wall into the central piazza you will see a striking piece of graffiti which was created for B-SIDE Hip Hop Festival 2019. The piece - Vision was produced by...
Head up the steps (or use the lift inside The Arcadian Centre) to make your way up to Level 1 of The Arcadian Car Park (entrance to the left hand side of Las Iguanas).  Inside the car park you will discover a large mural, created as part o... Read more
Heading back out of The Arcadian Car Park and walking out along Hurst Walk - The second piece of artwork created by Genius Creations along the route - the 'Cross With Pride' walkway - but this piece of artwork is a whole Rainbow Walk with... Read more
A brand new piece of street art created as part of B-SIDE Hip Hop Festival & Hi Vis Street Culture Festival 2020 at the end of September 2020 on Hurst Walk next to the Rainbow Crossing out of The Arcadian Centre towards Hurst Street. T... Read more
Heading down Essex Street and into Kent Street you will come to the front of Nightingale Club - where there is a collection of artwork created by various artists from across the city.  Kent Street Rainbow Canopy: The third piece of artwork... Read more
Taking a walk from Kent Street into Hurst Street and the surrounding area you will come across various pieces of Street Art from some of the regions street graffiti artists. Notably, on Hurst Street Car Park there are various pieces of work... Read more
Turning left onto Pershore Street and walking up the road you will pass the former site of bar Hawkers Yard that was the site for our graffiti jam as part of B-SIDE Hip Hop Festival 2019, we took over the empty site at the time and covered... Read more
Heading down Dean Street behind The Forum you will see a piece of street art created by Gent48, aka Josh Billingham, ranks among the most talented and prolific graffiti writers in Birmingham. Best known for his character-driven murals, he ... Read more
Carrying on up Pershore Street will lead you to Bath Passage opposite Debenhams Car Park, this area was transformed earlier in the year with a large scale piece of street art, one of many pieces of artwork created by Birmingham based Gent48... Read more
Just past Bath Passage onto Dudley Street you will find that Birmingham based artist Annatomix produced a vibrant tribute to David Bowie which went up on the third anniversary of Bowie’s death. Annatomix, who also has a music backgrou... Read more
Heading down Hinckley Street and towards Hill Street - Birmingham Open Media presents a brand new graffiti piece by Birmingham based graffiti artist T-Bone.  Mathare Futurism by T Bone is created in collaboration with Mathare Green Moveme... Read more
Taking a walk down Hill Street and along Smallbrook Queensway you will find various pieces of street art from artists across the region. Throughout lockdown Gent48 has been working alongside Southside District (BID) to add street art to mor... Read more
Into Hurst Street from Smallbrook Queensway as part of B-SIDE Hip Hop Festival & Hi Vis Street Culture Festival 2020 the former Oceana nightclub exterior walls have been re-painted as part of AfroFlux.  On these walls there are five n... Read more
Heading from Hurst Street into Thorp Street and looking into The Southside Building Car Park we are proud to unveil the new mural in Southside as part of #BSIDE. We partnered with @Thesouthsidebhm and Graffiti Artist Zuke who created the ... Read more
Be sure to check out the new Smithfield Wholesale Markets walls down on Barford Street - where new artwork has been created as part of B-SIDE Hip Hop Festival & Hi Vis Street Culture Festival 2020 - a selection can be found in the photo... Read more


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