History along the Finger Lakes Trail

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History along the Finger Lakes Trail

Salamanca, New York 14779, United States

Created By: Diane Lebo Wallace

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Features key places of historic, cultural, and environmental interest near the main Finger Lakes Trail, a 586-mile long-distance walking path across New York State.

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Built by the Civilian Conservation Corps and established in 1921, Allegany is the largest in the New York State Parks system. Its 65,000 acres features primitive forested valleys, un-glaciated landscape, fall foliage, wildlife and extensiv... Read more
The Seneca Iroquois National Museum houses an extensive collection of Hodinöhsö:ni’ historical and traditionally designed decorative and every-day-use items and archaeological artifacts. The museum, along with the Seneca Nation Archive... Read more
The Salamanca Historical Society and Museum is housed in the restored Salamanca Trust Company bank building. Built in 1882, it became the home of the Historical Society and Museum in 2002. The museum complements the town's Seneca-Iroquois ... Read more
The Salamanca Rail Museum is a fully restored passenger depot constructed in 1912 by the Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway. Artifacts, photographs and video offer a glimpse into an era over 90 years ago, when rail was the primary m... Read more
Old forestry records show that the 2,248-acre Bucktooth State Forest featured timber when the state purchased the property, unlike most old farms purchased during that era. Stands appear to be even aged so most of this forest was cleared... Read more
The area around "Little Rock City" tells the geologic history of Western New York. The conglomerate rock is younger and very different than the bedrock in Western New York. During the late Devonian period (circa 370 million years ago) this ... Read more
The 794-acre McCarthy Hill State Forest focuses on rustic experiences with a limited amount of development. Today, McCarthy Hill and all state forests in New York are managed for multiple benefits to serve the needs of the people of New Yor... Read more
The Holiday Valley ski area opened during the winter of 1957-58 and today has grown into a resort with 60 slopes and trails as well as base lodges, hotels and more Doc Northrup and Karl Fahrner started the first organized skiing in Ellico... Read more
The Ellicottville Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1991 and includes some 63 structures related to public and private village life from 1817 to 1935. The district features Queen Anne, federal, and... Read more
This historic marker indicates the site of the first frame house in Ellicottville, dating back to 1817. It was the site of early county court hearings and meetings of the board of supervisors. FLT Map M3
The 971-acre Boyce Hill State Forest was mostly farmland and open fields. A house and barn was located at the end of Jackson Forest Road, near the present turn around. An adjacent homestead was located near a natural spring lined with ston... Read more
The 547-acre Bear Creek State Forest is a popular hunting, hiking, snowmobiling and horseback riding destination. Because there were a number of stream crossings on Bear Creek Road that were difficult to maintain, that road was replaced by ... Read more
The 3,278-acre Bush Hill State Forest provides many outdoor recreational opportunities, the most common of which are hunting and hiking. In the 1930s, Bush Hill was the site of many work projects carried out by the Civilian Conservation Cor... Read more
The 1,144-acre Farmersville State Forest is a popular hunting and hiking destination. In the 1930s Farmersville was the site of many work projects carried out by the Civilian Conservation Corps or CCC. The CCC, established by the administra... Read more
Swift Hill State Forest covers a total of 1,569 acres. The forest contains a mixture of native hardwood species and planted conifers. The area was settled in the early 1800s. Much of the land now comprising the state forest was cleared for ... Read more
Slader Creek State Forest covers a total of 1,229 acres and contains a mixture of native hardwood species and planted conifers. The area gets its name from the picturesque stream touches the northern portion of the state forest with severa... Read more
"First petroleum discovered in the United States in 1627 one mile north and 1000 yards east."  The first discovery of oil in America occured here near Cuba, New York. The oil spring is located near the spillway end of Cuba Lake on the Oil ... Read more
The 3,513-acre Bully Hill State Forest provides opportunities for hiking, snowmobiling, camping, bird watching, nature photography and hunting. Note that state forest roads are not plowed in the winter unless there is an on-going timber sal... Read more
Portageville is named after the Native American canoeists who withdrew their crafts from the water to avoid going over three waterfalls in the Genesee River gorge now known as Portage Falls. They transported their canoes on land for several... Read more
Angelica, just off the interstate, was settled in 1802 and established in 1805 by Captain Philip Church who was a nephew of Alexander Hamilton. Church named the town after his mother, Angelica Schuyler Church. The Angelica Park Circle is t... Read more
The William Pryor Letchworth Museum is located at Letchworth State Park and showcases the work of Letchworth, who was a businessman and charity leader, to preserve the land and history of people from this spectacular area. Displays include... Read more
The Town of Nunda, within the Morris Reserve, was founded in 1808 as a part of Allegany County. The name is from Nunda-wa-ono, a Seneca Indian tribe that once lived in the beautiful hills and valleys along the Genesee river and Keshequa str... Read more
The marker is located In Dansville on Nunda-Dansville Road just east of Shute Rd. It reads, "Nearby is the site of the last cabin in this town, occupied by the Senecas, before their removal to the Buffalo reservation in 1826." More info nea... Read more
 The marker is on Nunda-Dansville Rd (New York State Route 436), on the right when traveling west. It reads, "Route of New York and Erie Telegraph Line constructed in 1848, under the supervision of Ezra Cornell, founder of Cornell Universi... Read more
The primary purposes of Rattlesnake Hill Wildlife Management Area (WMA) are for wildlife management, wildlife habitat management, and wildlife-dependent recreation. This WMA is a 5,100-acre upland tract, situated approximately eight miles w... Read more
The village of Swain was known as a 19th-century railroad junction and today is the site of a small ski resort. The Pittsburg, Shawmut and Northern Railroad (PS&N) operated between the coal mines of northern Pennsylvania and the Souther... Read more
Settled in 1821 by Scottish frontiersman, Almond's name is inspired by the Almond Valley in Scotland. Today Almond has several notable sites, including The Hagadorn House -- home to three generations of the Hagadorn family and open occasio... Read more
"Anna Cadogan Etz (1863-1953) Speeches & news columns helped women obtain right to vote in NY state. Lifelong Hornell resident." Her newspaper column “Suffrage Notes and Comments” appeared in 40 newspapers from 1912 to 1917 when wom... Read more
Housed in the historic Hornell Depot, the museum features an array of Erie train memorabilia and photographs. The City of Hornell created the museum in 2005 to preserve the history and mementos of the men and women of the Hornell area, and... Read more
The Finger Lakes Boating Museum was created in 1996and  preserves and shares the boating activities and boat building heritage of the Finger Lakes. The museum's collection includes more than 200 boats built by many of the 40+ commercial bu... Read more
Hammondsport was first settled in 1792; the village was incorporated in 1856. In addition to its scenic location at the foot of Keuka Lake,  it is known for its contributions both to the New York State wine industry as well as to aviation... Read more
The Glenn H. Curtiss Museum, is dedicated to the memory of pioneer aviator Glenn Hammond Curtiss and showcases a collection focused on early aviation and regional history. In addition to seeing the museum displays and exhibits, visitors a... Read more
Birdseye Hollow State Forest features a hiking trail and a multiple-use trail. Located on the area is a portion of the Finger Lakes Trail (foot traffic only), a 558-mile trail that extends from Allegany State Park in southwestern New York t... Read more
Of many cemeteries along the Finger Lakes Trail, the Six Nations Cemetery is distinguished for its hillside location with views of Lamoka Lake and Schuyler County views. Read more about Finger Lakes Trail cemeteries FLT Map M13   ...
Known for its natural beauty, the Watkins Glen State Park features a series of waterfalls and gorges with an almost two-mile hike passing 19 waterfalls and ascending over 800 stone steps. The glen's stream descends 400 feet past 200-foot ... Read more
The village of Watkins Glen, first settled in 1791, is known for its spectacular state park and its long history of auto racing. The settlement of the village began in 1791. First named "Jefferson" in 1842, the village was later renamed in ... Read more
Watkins Glen won its place in motorsports history on October 2, 1948, when the first post-World War II road race was hosted on its village streets. Learn more about the historic circuitDrive the original 6.6-mile Grand Prix course, it's a... Read more
At this spot the green flag dropped for 23 sports cars to start the first road race in the United States after World War II. The event was sanctioned by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), sponsored by the Village of Watkins Glen, and at... Read more
Historic Montour Falls with its spectacular Chequaga Falls in the heart of downtown is home to seven natural glens and more than 20 waterfalls. It features multiple nearby points of interest: Montour Falls Historic District: Officially plac... Read more
The primary purposes of Connecticut Hill Wildlife Management Area (WMA) are for wildlife management, wildlife habitat management, and wildlife-dependent recreation. This is the largest WMA in New York State, encompassing 11,237 acres. It is... Read more
The winding trails at Robert H. Treman State Park follow the gorge past 12 waterfalls, including the 115-foot Lucifer Falls. Amenities include camping sites for tents and RVs; cabins, swimming in a stream-fed pool beneath a waterfall, and n... Read more
The History Center of Tompkins County offers exhibits, special events, and both guided and self-guided walking tours to help residents and visitors learn more about local history. It also engages individuals in education and research to pre... Read more
In April 1789 on four hundred acres of the old maize lands of the Iroquois three pioneers -- Jacob Yaple, Isaac Dumond and Peter Hinepaw from Kingston NY -- cast seed and in September 1789 brought their families. Twenty souls built house... Read more
It's worth a side trip from the Finger Lakes Trail (map M17) to visit the spectacular 165-foot falls. Buttermilk Falls State Park takes its name from the foaming cascade formed by Buttermilk Creek as it flows down the steep valley side towa... Read more
Danby State Forest is located on the Allegheny Plateau, which is made of sedimentary bedrock that formed some 350 million years ago when the region was covered by an ancient saltwater sea. Geologists believe that the plateau was created dur... Read more
The Paleontological Research Institution’s Museum of the Earth was established in 2003 to provide the general public with a unique opportunity to explore our world through a mix of natural history displays, interactive science features, a... Read more
The botanic gardens on the Cornell University campus feature an arboretum, wildflower garden, herb garden, and extensive botanical collections along with miles of woodland and park-like trails through natural areas on and off campus. The Bo... Read more
Get to know the birds of the forests, farms, and waterways across New York State. The Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology Visitor Center is filled with science exhibits and artwork, nestled within a 230-acre sanctuary with 4 miles of trails f... Read more
The marker reads, "Iroquois hunting grounds, then Town #23 in military tract prior to being first settled in 1797. In 1817 became one of the first nine towns in Tompkins County."   Learn more about the markerExplore Dryden with the Dryden ... Read more
The hamlet of Brooktondale was first settled in the late 18th century. It has a long farming history due to its abundant silt loam soil. After the Civil War, the newly constructed railroads transported the area’s ample agricultural produ... Read more
The Shindagin Hollow State Forest is located on the Allegheny Plateau, which is made of sedimentary bedrock that formed approximately 350 million years ago when the region was covered by an ancient saltwater sea. Geologists believe that the... Read more
Hammond Hill State Forest is a popular area year-round for its network of trails suitable for hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, mountain biking, and horseback riding. The forest was established between 1935 and 1950 in an effort to reduce soil e... Read more
The majority of Potato Hill State Forest was acquired in 1938 and 1940, with two additional purchases in 1975 and 1980. The name of this forest attests to the large scale planting of potatoes in the area by early Irish Immigrants. The highe... Read more
Robinson Hollow State Forest, like many of New York's state forests, had originally been cleared and farmed by European settlers and Revolutionary War Veterans. Unfortunately, the upland soils of the Allegheny Plateau are thin, relatively s... Read more
Between 1931 and 1976, approximately 2,280,500 pine, spruce, cedar, larch and red oak were planted to aid in reforestation of the area. The trees were planted by members of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Camp S-125 based in Slaterv... Read more
Hoxie Gorge State Forest encompasses 2,115 acres of land. Public Forest Access Roads off of Steve Russell Hill Road provide 2.6 miles of recreational access. There are also two separate segments of accessible trails for those with impaired... Read more
The collection found throughout the 1890 House Museum offer visitors the opportunity to step back in time to 19th century Cortland. The unique history tells the stories of the Wickwire family, their servants, and the Wickwire Wire Mills Fac... Read more
The marker reads, "The boyhood home of Cornell University founder Ezra Cornell was located near NYS 13 about 3-1/2 miles east of De Ruyter." Marker location: Latitude & Longitude: 42° 46' 37.6428", -75° 52' 35.5656" Near FLT Map ... Read more
The first pioneer settlements in this area began in 1784 when Deacon and Jesse Catlin created Catlin Settlement in what is now the hamlet of Lincklaen. The forested hills in this area were cleared for crops and pasture land. The settlers di... Read more
The Taylor Valley landscape is woven with a mix of northern hardwoods, hemlock, and conifer plantations. The wildlife and plants on both sides of the valley are quite abundant, and a large wetland complex located in the area only adds to th... Read more
The South Otselic Historic District includes 60 contributing buildings from commercial, residential, ecclesiastical, and industrial life. Among the notable buildings are the Methodist Church (ca. 1867), Gladding Corporation factory and off... Read more
Pharsalia WMA - the oldest WMA in New York State - has some of the largest blocks of forest in the region and supports a diversity of birds and other species which prefer such habitat. It is one of the few areas of the state outside the Adi... Read more
Following the recent rehabilitation of Berry Hill fire tower, which included upgrades to enhance safety and accessibility, the tower is now open to the public year-round from sunrise to sunset. Berry Hill is the only fire tower on public la... Read more
Bowman Lake State Park is a nearly 1,000-acre remote recreation and camping area Scenic park roads wind through evergreen and hardwood forests. A sandy lakefront offers swimming and light boating activities. The lake is regularly stocked wi... Read more
The forest is named after the stream and its tributaries that run though many sections of the forest. All of the surface water in Wiley Brook State Forest flows south to the Susquehanna River. Wiley Brook is a tributary to Yaleville Brook,... Read more
Bainbridge Historic District is a national historic district with 93 contributing buildings, two contributing sites, one contributing structure, and one contributing object. It encompasses the village's most intensive concentration of hi... Read more
The Masonville General Store is a beloved central New York landmark, started in the 1860s. It retains its character as an old-fashioned general store and gathering spot. Learn more FLT Map M27   ...
This 1,116-acre state forest is located between NYS Route 8 and Delaware County Route 20. The forest is comprised of plantations and natural stands in various stages of succession. This variation in forest type and age should provide good h... Read more
Arctic-China State Forest is a 2,858-acre resource within Delaware County. More infoLearn about the history of New York's state forestsFLT Map M27 ...
This 768-acre state forest is located between Delaware County Route 27 and Steam Mill Road in western Delaware County. The forest is adjacent to Steam Mill State Forest and New York City Department of Environmental Protection property. The ... Read more
Cannonsville Reservoir is formed by damming the West Branch of the Delaware River, which continues south and becomes part of the lower Delaware River, the border between New York and Pennsylvania. It was placed into service in 1964 and hold... Read more
While the Rock RIft Fire Tower is no longer open to visitors, its site above the Cannonsville Reservoir is a reminder of the protection it offered to many farms and villages displaced by the reservoir to provide water for New York City. Rea... Read more
The primary purposes of Bear Spring Mountain Wildlife Management Area (WMA) are for wildlife management, wildlife habitat management, and wildlife-dependent recreation. This WMA consists of over 7,000 acres of upland habitat in Delaware Cou... Read more
The Downsville Covered Bridge is one of six covered bridges still standing in Delaware County. The 174-footlong, single span structure was built by Robert Murray in 1854. Learn more about the bridge Learn more about the Catskill Mountains... Read more
The 29,500-acre Delaware Wild Forest is located in the western Catskill Forest Preserve and features more than 47 miles of recreational trails. There are four lean-to shelters located in the wild forest for those looking for a backpackin... Read more
Located in the southwest corner of the Catskill Park, Willowemoc Wild Forest contains more than 14,800 acres of Forever Wild Forest Preserve. A 40-mile trail network provides access to six ponds, and a world-class trout stream, the Willowe... Read more
Balsam Lake Mountain Wild Forest contains more than 13,500 acres of "forever wild" Forest Preserve located at the head of the Beaverkill Valley, an area famous as the cradle of fly fishing in America. Alder Lake is one of the few Catskill... Read more
The 33,500-acre Big Indian Wilderness Area contains the longest stretch of trail through uninterrupted virgin forest in the Catskills. The 30 miles of trail traverse a rugged, mountainous landscape offering numerous opportunities for solitu... Read more
The Slide Mountain Wilderness encompassese more than 47,500 acres and is the largest and most popular wilderness area in the Catskill Forest Preserve. Extensive foot trails provide access to the remote interior, often climbing over lofty p... Read more


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