North Richmond Urban Nature Loop

Explore and learn about our neighborhood's many community-led revitalization efforts!

North Richmond Urban Nature Loop

Richmond, California 94804, United States

Created By: The Watershed Project

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Welcome to the North Richmond Urban Nature Loop! This is a collaborative effort, driven by The Watershed Project in partnership with community leaders, Green Collar Corps interns, and students from the University of California, Berkeley, as part of the Contra Costa County North Richmond Watershed Connection Project funded by the California Coastal Conservancy.

The goal of this effort is to provide information on the natural and community assets and tribal elements to residents and improve access to local natural and community resources. This route encourages residents to walk in the neighborhood, improve physical and mental health and connect with the environment - nature and people.

Along this walking route, you will find points of interest where you can learn more about our community's arts, music, activism, gardens, and environment.

Feel free to pick and choose which points of interest you would like to learn more about. Over time, new points and information will be added to the map, so we hope you will continue to revisit this tour again and again. You can also improve this route by adding notes and pictures.

*Note: you may need to click on some photos to view the whole image*

Most importantly, have fun exploring the route!

For additional resources and information on our points of interest, please email Naama Raz-Yaseef at:

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What You'll See on the Tour

Welcome to the very first point on this map! You are standing in front of the Verde K-8 School, which serves students of the North Richmond neighborhood. Have a look at the vibrant mural on the front wall of the school (you may want to come... Read more
Did you know that you are part of a watershed? A watershed is an area of land where all the water that falls within it flows to one body of water. You are now standing next to Wildcat Creek. You can see a map of the creek in one of the i... Read more
Native plants and animals are well adapted to the unique climate, water regime, and geography of their environment. Here, we highlight a couple of the native plants and animals that also call this watershed home.  In our watershed, we ca... Read more
Before we begin our journey through the residential streets, let us take a moment to recognize and pay tribute to the individuals who have tirelessly advocated for the community. Their hard work continues to have a significant impact on the... Read more
If you head north on Fred Jackson Way to Brookside Drive, you"ll reach the Urban Tilth farm. Urban Tilth is an organization with the goal of making the community healthier, which is why they built an urban farm in the neighborhood. In the... Read more
What are some things you notice at this intersection? Look at the vibrant mural, "North Richmond Clean & Green", on the house at the corner of Market Ave. and Fred Jackson Way. This is a vacant house, one of many similar houses spread... Read more
Located across the street from your current position is The Fred Jackson Peace and Harmony Garden, which was built on a previously vacant lot. This is the initiative of Iyalode Kinney, a neighborhood resident, who together with other comm... Read more
The next block is one of the neighborhood hubs, and you will walk by several resources available for the community. The Community Housing Development Corporation (CHDC, 1535 Fred Jackson Way, Suite A, 510 412-9290) creates and reshapes... Read more
In the vacant lot across from you is a small stand of Coastal Live Oaks (scientific name: Quercus agrifolia) as well as a large Willow tree (scientific name: Salix glauca L.). These are 'volunteer' trees that grew naturally from seeds or a... Read more
You are standing in front of a large public park, one of only two parks in the neighborhood (the other being the Ball Park you already walked along, near the Wildcat Creek trail). The park and community Center are great places to get people... Read more
As part of the renovation of the Shields Reid Park, a Habitat Garden will be created. This will be a public space to attract and supports native birds, bees, butterflies, and other wildlife, for the benefit of the resident. Community member... Read more
This part of the route focuses on kids! We created something special for the children walking along Giaramita and Chesley streets between Verde School and Shields Reid Park. The Watershed Project partnered with local artists to bring thei... Read more
On this tour, we passed through a few vacant lots. Vacant lots are more than just abandoned places, they are opportunities to create new and exciting spaces. One example is the Peace and Harmoney Community Garden we visited. Community-maint... Read more
You are standing in front of another Las Deltas vacant house (we'll tell more about this housing development in one of the next points, #17). Now have a look at the two large trees in front of the house. They are American Sycamore trees.... Read more
In the street corner in front of you is an example of a Hope Garden. Working with The Watershed Project, residents in North Richmond have transformed the "hell strip" (the area between the sidewalk and the street) into Hope Gardens. The pr... Read more
If you continue westward on Market Street toward Fred Jackson Way you will walk by the neighborhood's iconic Rancho Market. The murals covering the walls of the Market are called  “Fabric of Unity” and use vibrant colors to show the n... Read more
Throughout our walk, we have seen a number of Las Deltas structures. You can recognize these similar-looking structures that are now boarded up by their tan-brown color. These were once housing for low-income residents. In this point, we wi... Read more
Wildcat Creek was once a source of survival for the indigenous tribes located near the creek. Listening to indigenous ancestral stories helps us understand the importance of our creeks. The text below was developed with our Tribal Consulta... Read more
We have arrived at the final stop of our route, the fish passage on Wildcat Creek. This is a very important part of the ecosystem, as it is supposed to allow fish to migrate from this creek to the ocean safely. Here, we will learn about... Read more


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