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Condos 101-119 Ocean Front Walk   L. Anthony Greenberg   1992   Ten stunning beach-front townhome residences with incredible head-on ocean views, tremendous volume and natural light throughout. It’s said that each unit feels like livin... Read more
BAR Center at the Beach 201 Ocean Front Walk Hagy Belzberg Architects   2022   The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles Center showcases a building that was transformed from the original one-room building to a three-level Center that ... Read more
305 Ocean Front Walk   DU Architects   2020   A four-story, ground-up mixed-use building along the famed Venice Beach Boardwalk, this development is comprised of three multi-floor residential units atop 2,850 square feet of retail space.... Read more
4 Thornton Lofts 619 / 701 Ocean Front Walk Michael J. Falonis Architects 2009   Thornton Lofts are best-in-class creative office spaces inside a premier Venice Beach location. Ten live/work loft units are located on Venice’s boardwalk w... Read more
5 Muscle Beach Gym 1809 Ocean Front Walk   This world famous landmark is built in a brutalist-style concrete structure, which conveys the immensity of the participants that work-out within this outdoor gym. Gawkers are welcome.   ...
6 Single Family Residence 2219 Ocean Front Walk Tighe Architecture   2015   The design investigates the interplay between public and private with the ultimate goal of keeping the residence as open as possible while, simultaneously, retain... Read more
7 Douroux House 2315 Ocean Front Walk Antoine Predock  1989-90   An awe-inspiring floor to ceiling red pivoting window looking toward the Pacific Ocean invites the outside in, while an elevated black granite infinity waterfall enhances th... Read more
8 Miami House 2505 Ocean Front Walk 2018   Part of the three big houses on the 2500 block on Ocean Front Walk, this Florida-reminiscent inspired residence is another playful adaptation of what is possible in a 40’ x 100’ lot parameter.... Read more
9 Norton Lifeguard House      2509 Ocean Front Walk Frank Gehry 1983 EARLY CONTEMPORARY   Gehry continued his exploration of creating architecture as a sculptural assemblage of everyday materials, low costs, and sculptural forms with th... Read more
10 Snipper Residence 2511 OFW Miguel Angelo Flores and Associates  1988   EARLY CONTEMPORARY   Also known as La Rotunda, this deceptively simple purple glass box contains a vertical, glass-block and stucco cylinder at its core. ...
11 Panel House 2911 Ocean Front Walk David Hertz   2006 EARLY CONTEMPORARY   The narrow structure afforded the opportunity to create a clear span structural system, eliminating the need for any interior load bearing walls. The design inte... Read more
12 Roy and Carol Doumani Beach House 4 Yawl Street   Robert Graham, 1982 EARLY CONTEMPORARY   The house, designed by un-architect sculptor Robert Graham, was made uniquely livable by the decision to fill it with other artists’ functiona... Read more
13 Doumani Floating Beach House     15 Yawl Street   Frank Gehry   2018 This project features complex fabrication and installation of the flat and corrugated multi-hued titanium panels, displayed throughout the exterior and interior of... Read more
14 Race Through the Clouds  1600 Main Street – Windward Circle Steven Ehrlich  1987 EARLY CONTEMPORARY   This building stands on the site of one of the original roller coasters of Venice of America. An undulating steel rail weaves arou... Read more
15 Ace Market Place   1501 Main St - Windward Circle Steven Ehrlich  1989 EARLY CONTEMPORARY   Reminiscent of the dredging machines that dug the original Venice of America canals, as well as the bathhouse that once occupied the site, thi... Read more
16 Windward Circle Art Building   211 Windward Ave – Windward Circle   Steven Ehrlich  1988 EARLY CONTEMPORARY   The massing and decorative elements of the Arts Building evoke the Hotel Antler, which once occupied this site. It was or... Read more
17 Bauhaus 217 Windward Ave  1984 EARLY CONTEMPORARY   This Bauhaus influenced architectural gem of a property, is a special DUPLEX /HOME/OFFICE property situated next to the famous Hama Sushi restaurant on the Venice Circle. The curved g... Read more
18 Modern Home 333 Windward Ave   2023 This residence just showed up out of nowhere, nice and inviting, with no information available. It seems a natural in Venice.
19 TWOfourEIGHT Westminster 248 Westminster Ave 1990 EARLY CONTEMPORARY   Curving, mid-eighties office complex, featuring polished concrete and hardwood floors, and skylights throughout. Very indicative of the era it was originally designe... Read more
20 Office/Duplex 1313 Innes Place 1991 EARLY CONTEMPORARY   This current office property was originally a residential duplex, converted for business in 2001. The interior is a master-class of coordinated spaces.   ...
21 House residence 415 Venice Way Andrea Schoening  2018 Fall in love with the open dining, spacious living with cozy fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows in this contemporary masterpiece by prestigious European architect, Andrea Schoeni... Read more
22 Safan-Gerard House 502 Rialto Ave Tom Egidi   EARLY CONTEMPORARY   This house features an angular, spectacular third-floor artist studio space, two floors of unique residence, and a working doctor’s suite on the sub-ground floor. A l... Read more
23 Triangle Townhouse 520 Venice Way 2020 Described as “Venice redefined. In a class of it's own. A statement for the century.” You be the judge, on this unique, triangular residential property.
24 Himmelhouse 513 Grand Ave Coop Himmelb(l)au  2001 As the first project in the United States built by Viennese architects Coop Himmelb(l)au, this astounding project seamlessly weaves complex sculptural form into every-day living. The raw... Read more
25 ”Y” House 528 Grand Ave Cigolle X Coleman  2018 The house itself is a showstopper, literally built around a dramatic steel spiral staircase. “The staircase feels very powerful in the space and sets up the relationship between the ... Read more
26 MODERN house 533 Grand Ave Nicholas Hopson and Klara Rodstrom    2023 This home exhibits thoughtful, relevant and impactful livable design, flexible for any lifestyle.
27 Flying Home 581 Venice Blvd   2011 This 3821 square foot single family home has 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. I’s oddly unique vantage point and use of glass-walls makes this residence almost unexplainable.
28 543 Rialto House 543 Rialto Ave Steven Shortridge  2005 Inventive geometric planes fill architect Steven Shortridge's modernist house with natural light, open communal spaces, and private wings, merging all the restorative possibilities... Read more
29 Caplin House 229 San Juan Ave Frederick Fisher  1979   EARLY CONTEMPORARY   This landmark house features a curved roof that looks like a boat hull from the inside and a rolling wave from the outside - an homage to the nearby ocean and... Read more
30 Spiller House 39 Horizon Ave Frank Gehry  1980 EARLY CONTEMPORARY   Gehry’s Spiller duplex is a matchbox of 2x4’s and a collision of architectural volumes. The breakthrough house is a complex Post-Modern organization of two houses;... Read more
31 Gagosian Gallery 51 Market Street Studio Works Architects  1980-81 EARLY CONTEMPORARY   This former art gallery and apartment building has a plain street façade but a surprising interior shockingly reveals its secret heart: a spectacu... Read more
32 Restaurant? 1501 Pacific Ave 2024   The only information available about this property is that it’s an office building, currently available. Maybe a restaurant?
33 Old School 70s 37 Brooks Ave EARLY CONTEMPORARY   A private home probably built in the late ‘70s – early ‘80s style popular back then, arched vaulted skylites, basic geometric architecture with a fireplace chimney through the expo... Read more
34 Michich-Small House 120 Thornton Place Milica Dedijer-Michich 1981 EARLY CONTEMPORARY   Belonging to the International Style of architecture, the home pays homage to the Modern style of the 1920s and ’30s with curved columns, balconie... Read more
35 Arnoldi Triplex 326 Indiana Ave Frank Gehry   1981 EARLY CONTEMPORARY   Intended as the first of a series of studio spaces built for local artists, each studio was designed by Gehry around a different oversized abstract sculptural elem... Read more
36 Hopper House 330 Indiana Ave Brian Murphy   1989 EARLY CONTEMPORARY   Originally designed for actor, filmmaker, art collector, artist, and longtime Venice resident Dennis Hopper, this house has a plain corrugated metal façade that bel... Read more
Teresa Bjornson Studio 16 Paloma Ave Arata Isozaki   1986   EARLY CONTEMPORARY   This minimalist cubic structure with soaring gallery-like proportions and angled corner skylights was the first residential commission for Isozaki, perhaps ... Read more
38 Chiat Day Binoculars 330 Main Street Frank Gehry / Claes Oldenburg  1985-91   EARLY CONTEMPORARY   Gehry partnered with artists Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen to craft this distinctive creative office space in three distinctive form... Read more
39 Renaissance Building 225 Main & Rose  Johannes Van Tilburg / Jonathan Borofsky 1989   Incorporates replica Venice of America columns along its Main Street façade. The distinctive clown sculpture on the corner is a community landma... Read more
40 Nexus House 1601 Shell Ave Woods + Dangaran  2020 Nexus House is an immersive architectural residence designed by Woods + Dangaran AIA. Composed on a coveted corner lot, the property includes the home and guest house which can be combin... Read more


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