University of Wisconsin-Madison East CALS

This is a walking tour of the buildings in the College of Agricultural and Life Science East of Babcock Drive. Many of the buildings, construct more than 100 years ago.

University of Wisconsin-Madison East CALS

Madison, Wisconsin 53715, United States

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The 20 points of interest on this path (0.68 miles) includes the UW-Madison CALS buildings East of Babcock Drive. This path starts with Ag Hall (1450 Linden Drive) and ends with Ag Bulletin (1535 Observatory Drive), formerly the heating plant. Agriculture Hall and buildings on the east and west side of Henry Mall occupy the area designated as a Henry Mall Historic District once called The Henry Quadrangle. This point is located on the Linden Drive sidewalk in front of Ag Hall.

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1450 Linden Drive Built in 1903 At the time it was built, Agricultural Hall became home to most of the university’s agricultural programs. Many of these programs eventually became departments and later had their own buildings. Today, Ag H... Read more
1415 Linden Drive Built in 1930 This building was originally the site of the Wisconsin orthopedics hospital, which opened in 1931. The hospital operations moved to a new hospital and clinics facility in the 1970s, and the building was desig... Read more
427 Lorch Street Built in 1951 Taylor Hall initially served as a dormitory for staff, including interns, for nearby medical facilities. In 1963, it became the home of the Department of Occupational Therapy and, later, the Department of Psyc... Read more
465 Henry Mall Built in 1953 The Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene (WSLH) was established in 1903, at the urging of H. L. Russell, to provide facilities and expertise in the diagnosis of diseases common in Wisconsin at the time, such as... Read more
445 Henry Mall Built in 1961 The Genetics Building housed medical genetics and animal genetics until 1994. Since 1989, WISCIENCE (the Wisconsin Institute for Science Education and Community Engagement) has been housed here. WISCIENCE colla... Read more
425 Henry Mall Built in 1993 The Genetics - Biotechnology Center houses the Department of Genetics, which was established in 1910 as the Department of Experimental Breeding and was the first such department in the United States. Its histor... Read more
Located at the south end of Henry Mall Dedicated in 1924 Henry Mall was named in honor of William Arnon Henry, an American academic and agriculturist from Ohio who led the growth of the College of Agriculture, becoming its first dean in ... Read more
420 Henry Mall Built in 1912 The DeLuca Biochemistry Building has been the home of the Department of Biochemistry since it was built. Today, it is one of three biochemistry buildings named after Professor H. F. DeLuca, whose laboratory has... Read more
440 Henry Mall Built in 1904 The DeLuca Biochemical Sciences Building was the home of the Department of Agronomy until 1930. It then became home to the Department of Genetics until 1963, the Department of Dairy Science until 1972, and Agri... Read more
460 Henry Mall Built in 1905 The Agricultural Engineering building was the first building on campus constructed using reinforced concrete. In 1907, the American Society of Agricultural Engineers (now the American Society of Agricultural an... Read more
Henry Mall Created in 1922 This statue at the north end of Henry Mall recognizes William D. Hoard, a strong proponent of dairying in the state of Wisconsin. In 1885, Hoard founded the magazine Hoard’s Dairyman, still published and read ... Read more
1525 Linden Drive Built in 1966 As one of the first of its kind, the UW Molecular Biology Graduate Program was formed in the late 1950s to provide a multi-disciplinary graduate training environment in the new area of molecular biology. Salv... Read more
1575 Linden Drive Built in 1930 Moore Hall has been the home of the Department of Agronomy since 1930, when the department vacated its original building on Henry Mall and moved into this facility, which had been constructed and attached to ... Read more
1575 Linden Drive Built in 1910 The Horticulture building houses the Department of Horticulture, one of the earliest departments in the college. The department was originally in a section of Soils Physics which is now King Hall/Soils. In 1... Read more
465 Babcock Drive Built in 1996 The D.C. Smith Greenhouse has won several architectural awards for design. The facility is used for instruction and experimentation in plant breeding and disease and insect control. The greenhouse is named fo... Read more
1550 Linden Drive Built in 2007 The Microbial Sciences Building houses the Department of Bacteriology, the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology (MMI), and the Food Research Institute (FRI). The first bacteriology professor was ... Read more
1545 Observatory Drive Built in 1892 Hiram Smith Hall was the first major construction on the current UW agriculture campus and was home to the first dairy school in the country. The dairy program moved to Hiram Smith Hall from South Hall,... Read more
1535 Observatory Drive Built in 1899 Built as the agricultural college’s heating plant, this building also served as a machine shop until 1937 when it became the storage and mailing facilities for Agricultural Bulletin, a unit that facili... Read more
1535 Observatory Drive Built in 1894 (east wing and central tower), 1896 (west wing) Constructed in two phases to house the Departments of Horticulture and Agricultural Physics, King Hall is now home to the Department of Soil Science (www.... Read more
1555 Observatory Drive Built in 1910 Just east of Hiram Smith Hall, the annex was built to alleviate crowding and provide support for various dairy-related long courses. After the dairy program outgrew its space and moved to Babcock Hall in... Read more


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