Dynamic Cultural History Of Algiers Algeria

Tour the enchanting cultural experience that is Algiers

Dynamic Cultural History Of Algiers Algeria

Casbah, Algiers Province 16000, Algeria

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Spend the day traveling the ancient city of Algiers and enjoy bits of the past hidden in the present. Starting in the Casbah of Algiers you will learn of modern archaeological practices as Algerian specialists extract artifacts from the Roman, Byzantian, and Ottoman empires. Travel further to see the worlds third largest mosque and statement to the modern wealth of Algiers. Multiple museums will be visited along this tour, each built in the reused husk of former French-Moorish construction. As the tour progresses into the end of the day it winds down with a house of torture so reviled that its future and present are locked in controversy and red tape. Finally look out over the city and see the Mediterranean on the horizon at the base of the Monument of the Martyr, a monument to the fallen heroes of the past that died to make the Algeria of today.

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               Martyrs' Square places you in the heart of the Casbah of Algiers close enough to the sea to feel it’s cool breeze.  What make the sight unique is its metro hub and the Roman, Ottoman, and Byzantian ruins that... Read more
     Djamaa El-Djazair is as much a testimony of Algerian independence as it is a testimony to the faith of Algeria’s people.  First envisioned by Abdelaziz Bouteflika, This Mosque is the third largest in Africa and has the largest mi... Read more
     Palais des Rais, also known as (Toppana and Bastion 23): Construction on this structure first began in 1576 under Dey Ramdhan Pasha.  The site received architectural modifications from the French throughout occupation with the buil... Read more
               The site of the Basilique was first established by two young women by the names of Mademoiselle Agarithe and Anna Cinquin when they installed a statuette of Mary in the hollow of an old tree.  The location then known... Read more
          The European St. Eugene Cemetery is a massive burial site located adjacent to the Basilique Notre Dame d'Afrique.  It’s construction began in 1849 with its last and most recent burial taking place in 2015.  The European S... Read more
         Do not be fooled by the clock covered post resting in the center of the three-way intersection known as Trois Horloges.  This area once known as Bab-el-Oued was a thriving cultural mix of locals and European émigré during t... Read more
The Museum of Modern Art of Algiers (MaMa) is a large African art museum located in downtown Algiers.  The old building was first inaugurated for its purpose as a museum in 2007.  Built in the early 1900’s “some time before 1909” th... Read more
      Emir Abdelkader Place  Is a large and beautifully landscaped tribute to the last Algerian Sultan to resist the French invasion in the early 1830’s.  Emir Abdelkader whose full name was ʿAbd al-Qādir ibn Muḥyī al-Dīn ibn M... Read more
If ghosts reside anywhere within the city of Algiers, you will find them at villa sésini.  This seemingly innocent location was used as the central hub of torture and interrogation by the French during the French Algerian war.  It is in ... Read more
              Martyrs' Memorial standing 92 meters (302 ft) tall was first devised by former Algerian president Houari Boumédiène to commemorate the Algerian struggle for independence.  After 9 months of labor and construction the... Read more


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