M/S Mount Washington Cruise to Wolfeboro

2 1/2 hour cruise around Lake Winnipesaukee

M/S Mount Washington Cruise to Wolfeboro

Gilford, New Hampshire 03249, United States

Created By: Mount Washington Cruises

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Depart Weirs Beach and follow the western shore passing Glendale, West Alton, and Rattlesnake. Pass through the lower end of the largest open expanse of water on the lake, known as The Broads. As you approach Wolfeboro Bay, you will pass by the Barndoor Islands. Entering Wolfeboro, you see the historic town laid out before you. Known as the oldest summer resort in New Hampshire, Wolfeboro is host to many fine shops and eateries. Upon your departure from Wolfeboro, the majestic M/S Mount Washington crosses straight through The Broads showing off amazing panoramic views. Passing Welch and Timber Island, you know you are getting close to the Mount's home port of Weirs Beach.

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We are now passing through the channel know as the eagle island narrows.  The small island on the left is eagle island, once a relatively barren island owned by Jack Wright, a noted Boston Attorney.  Over the years, Mrs. Wright planted so... Read more
The large island on the left is Stonedam island.  It gets its named from a stone causeway that once connected it to the mainland of Meredith Neck.  The causeway eventually fell into disrepair and was taken down, leaving the island separat... Read more
Ahead on the right are the two highest peaks of the Belknap mountain range.  The Belknaps form part of the western boundary of the lake and are volcanic in origin.  The peak on the left is Mount Belknap, with a fire tower and radio tower ... Read more
On the right are the rocks known as the witches.  This area was once an island complete with soil, trees and other vegetation.  Exposure to strong northwest winds and constant wave action has eroded the land away, leaving the rock behind.... Read more
On the right is Locke’s Island.  Locke’s was the first land inhabited by colonial settlers.  Behind the island is Glendale Bay, a small but very busy harbor.  The bay is home to two major marinas, the Gilford Yacht Club, the Gilford ... Read more
Ahead on the right is a broad expanse of beach area.  The part of the beach with many small buildings along it is lake shore park, one of the oldest and most popular summer colonies.  The wooded part on the right is the ellacoya state bea... Read more
On the left is Diamond Island.  In the late 1800s, Diamond was the site of a large hotel called the diamond island house.  It was a popular stop for the early steamboats, including the Old Mount Washington  The hotel was moved across the... Read more
We are now passing Smith’s point, part of the west Alton mainland.  Here you can see the entrance to the narrow channel between the mainland and Sleepers Island, coming up on the right.  Sleepers Island was once known as little rattlesn... Read more
On the left are two small islands.  The larger one is treasure island.  Once known as redhead island, it was the site of camp treasure island, a boston girl scout camp.  The smaller one is called cub island. PLAY AUDIO ...
On the right are two small islands.  The larger of the two is moose island and the smaller is ship island.  These two rise abruptly from 150 foot depths.  The shoal area around the islands is rather treacherous and has been the site of a... Read more
From this point you may get a good idea of the expanse of the lake.  Looking to the left on a clear day, you can see all the way to Center Harbor at the northwest end of the lake, a distance of about 15 miles.  This is a part of the lake ... Read more
Ahead on the right are two islands guarding the entrance to Wolfeboro Bay.  The larger one is called Barndoor Island and the smaller one is little barndoor island. PLAY AUDIO ...
We are now passing sewall point on the left and entering Wolfeboro Bay.  In 1764, colonial governor John Wentworth established a province road from Portsmouth to Wolfeboro and built a summer home in the town, giving Wolfeoboro claim to the... Read more
Welcome aboard the motorship Mount Washington.  As we leave the dock, we ask your attention to some important safety items. Please use caution as you move about.  Remember that this is a historic ship and that decks, stairs, doorways and ... Read more
The Motorship Mount Washington was originally constructed in 1888 on Lake Champlain and was named S/S Chateauguay.  She was a side wheeler and operated between Burlington, VT and Plattsburgh, NY.  She was purchased from the Champlain Tran... Read more
We are now passing through the channel between parker island on the left and Wolfeboro neck, a part of the mainland, on the right.   PLAY AUDIO
The large island on the left is Rattlesnake Island.  It’s the fifty largest island at 368 acres and is also the highest, rising 390 feet above lake level.  Rattlesnakes were found there as late as 1946, but none have been seen since and... Read more
The name “Winnipesaukee” is of native American origin and has two possible translations.  One is “Smile of the Great Spirit”, the other is “Beautiful Water in a high place”.  The lake, its islands, and surrounding mountain ran... Read more
The lake normally freezes over completely in the winter, often to depths of 2 to 3 feet depending on snowfall and temperature conditions.  Winter activities such as ice fishing and snowmobiling are very popular.  It’s a common sight to ... Read more
From this point, we have a wide panorama of the Mountain ranges surrounding the lake.  Beginning on the right, the mountain range closest to usi s the ossipee range.  The ossipees are an almost perfectly circular formation, also the remai... Read more
The large island on the right is Welch Island, the sixth largest island at 187 acres.  It’s the home of the Winter Harbor Yacht Club, a powerboat club which enjoys a fine natural harbor visible on this side of the island.  On the left i... Read more
Away to the right the sandwich mountain range is visible.  IF you look through the lowest valley of the range, you can see one more mountain, still further away, framed very nicely in that valley.  That mountain is about 50 miles from her... Read more
On the left is Governor’s Island, the fourth largest island at 504 acres.  It’s another of the islands with a road bridge to the mainland, and is one of the most famous islands on the lake.  The island was originally part of a royal l... Read more


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