Mornington Railway

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Mornington Railway

Mount Eliza, Victoria 3930, Australia

Created By: Mornington Railway Preservation Socicety Inc.

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Welcome to Mornington Railway.

This is an interactive self guided tour to help provide an appreciation of the Mornington Railway, its place in the development of the Mornington Peninsula and an insight into the Victorian Railways as a whole.

The tour is in the very early stages of development with many more stories to add. Around the stations and along the route, you will be provided with information about that location. Additional information can be found by scanning strategically placed QR codes. You can do this using a standard application on your smartphone.

Please note that when you are directed to look left or right on the train journey, this is when facing the direction of train travel.

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Your comments and feedback would be appreciated so that we can continue to expand and develop this tour for or visitor experience. You can do this at

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Welcome to Mornington Railway. This is an interactive tour to help provide an appreciation of the Mornington Railway, its place in the development of the Mornington Peninsula and an insight into the Victorian Railways as a whole. The tour i... Read more
Sorry, there wasn't any information provided for this point of interest.
This is the Souveniers shop. Here you can buy a momento of your visit. We also have brochures to other attractions in the area. Our freindly staff will help with any questions you may have.
This is the Kiosk. We have a selection of snack food and drinks. Check out our specials.
This is our adminsitration centre and is out of bound to the general public.   We do however have an extensive library which consist of well over 1000 titles which have been donated or bequested to the railway. The Library is available for... Read more
Our toilet facilities include a seperate disable section. Please note ther are no toilets on the trains or at Tanti and Mornington stations. Please advise our staff if you find they do not meet satisfactory cleanliness.
For general information about signal boxes, please see here History The Somerton signal box was originally located on the extension of the Coburg line from Fawkner to Somerton. This line was built... Read more
Sorry, there wasn't any information provided for this point of interest.
Sorry, there wasn't any information provided for this point of interest.
This is the workshop where K177 is currently being re-built. We are seeking urgent required funds and volunteers to assist with this project. K177 was built at Newport Workshops in 1941. It spent a short 26 year working life before finally ... Read more
This lever frame was originally located on the HMAS Cerberus siding line at Stoney Point. When MRPS relocated from HMAS Cerberus the line and all it's equipment was relocated to Moorooduc. The lever frame was used to operate points and sign... Read more
General Considered to be the longest and highest VR timber footbridge at the time, it spanned the North Fitzroy Line - a short branch line constructed off the Inner Circle Railway. It is on both the National Trust and Victorian Heritage dat... Read more
This 70ft turntable has yet to be installed, was relocated by road from Deniliquin, NSW to Moorooduc in July 2015. It was originally installed at Inglewood Victoria but had been re-located to Deniliquin by the local Rotary Club as a park fe... Read more
The late Maurice Gilmour was a long standing member of the Mornington Railway Preservation Society. He kindly donated funds for the construction of this shed. Originally designed to be for our diesel locomotive fleet, it is not currently co... Read more
We are just passing the home signal. This is used to indicate it is clear for the train to enter Moorooduc station. You will see that we are running along an embankment. This elevated section was at one time a trestle bridge. We do not know... Read more
Way and Works refers to all operations relating to installing and maintaing a safe and correctly configured railway track and associated equipment. These sheds and containers house all the tools and equipment required for this important wor... Read more
This is the first of two road level crossings on the Mornington Railway. between Moordooc and Mornington. The flashing lights and bell warning system has been rebuilt and installed for traffic control. At this time they are manually control... Read more
After rounding a slight curve featuring many native bushes to the left and right, the train passes over the Balcombe Creek. After very heavy rain, the creek floods providing an unusual change of scenery. We are now travelling through the Mt... Read more
We pass through the horse crossing opposite Oakbank Road. One or two wineries are just over the hill. At the top of the next rise, Padua College appears on the right hand side. In past years the railway has worked closely with Padua Colleg... Read more
As we approach Tanti Station and the Bungower road level crossing from Moorooduc you will see a small/short  platform close to the crossing. There is a small unsealed carpark to the right. The Bungowere level crossing controls are located ... Read more
This crossing is the one of two on the section of track between Moorooduc and Mornington Stations.  The lights and bells have been been re-instated but are activated manually as a train approaches. There is usually a crossing keeper locate... Read more
By Howard Girdler - MRPS Foundation Member Extracted from Mornington Peninsula Railways and their Communities - Copyright Mornington Historical Society Inc. 2004. "Racecourse Platform, now called Tanti by the Mornington Railway Preservation... Read more
Whilst these day ther is a pedestrian crossing at this point, on the up side are the remains of the a stopping place was between Racecourse Platform and Nepean Highway. It was erected near the end of Narambi Drive in the Tanti Park Estate i... Read more
We are now crossing over Tanti Creek which flows into Poty Philip at the Mornington Forshore Reserve. The quality of the water is constanly monitored by the Melbourne water . The Morningto Environment Association Inc. hold regular working b... Read more
As you arrive, the train sweeps around a right hand curve after crossing Tanti Creek. It stops just short of Yuilles Road, this now being the end of the line. Yuilles Road runs parallel with and just behind Nepean Highway.Whilst the railway... Read more
The crossing is no longer here, or possible to re-instate. The Mornington branch line originally crossed the Point Nepean Road at this location. It was known as Rail Motor Stopping Place No. 16 and  a small earth mound platform was erected... Read more
Now occupied by a retail shopping centre, this is the site of the original Mornington Railway. The coordinates are placing you at a historic marker. The Mornington branch line opened on the 10th September 1889 and operated upto the Second W... Read more
This is the site of the turntable for the Mornington Railway yards. Close by were the engine and goods sheds. When the turntable was de-comiisioned it was transported and installed at Warnanbool, where it still resides.
The train rolls out of the station yard and travels up a small incline through a timbered area.  The adjacent Mout Eliza Regional Park has contributed to an abundance of wildlife, keep a watchful  eye open. On the left hand side, just ove... Read more
You are standing at the Moorooduc Station opening plaque. In 1997, the society vacated the naval base at Crib Point and transferred all of the locomotives and rolling stock to their final home at Moorooduc. The Moorooduc site is located opp... Read more
This is probably the site where the siding line from the Moorooduc yard passed into the coolstores over the old Moorooduc Highway. At that time the road was a single carriageway and the roundabout did not exists. We need to undertake more i... Read more
This is the site of the level crossing that crossed Barkley Street. There was originally a gatekeepers house located on the shopping centre side of Barkely Street. Railway Grove leading into the shopping centre carpark, follows the route to... Read more
This vacant block appears to be all that remains of the original Vacuum Oil companies siding. The Vacuum oil comany was situated along Pint Nepean road where Hungry Jack and KFC are now. It appears that the siding branched off the main line... Read more


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