Godwin Farm Biodiversity Preserve

We hope that in making this app we will help people to find their way around in Godwin Park easier and help more people to learn about this park.

Godwin Farm Biodiversity Preserve

Surrey, British Columbia V4N 2Z8, Canada

Created By: Surrey Christian School

Tour Information

The Godwin Farm Biodiversity Preserve, or Godwin Park for short, is a Park that Mr. And Mrs. Godwin donated to the City of Surrey on May 27, 2017. It's fairly new to the public therefore not many people know about it. We want to change that and that's why we are making a walking tour app so that you can be introduced to this great park! In this app, the students of Surrey Christian School want to introduce you to all the main attractions, and maybe learn a little something on the way through.

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Welcome to the beautiful Godwin Farm Biodiversity Preserve! Tom and Elaine Godwin and their four sons spent forty-five years putting a lot of care and attention into this land. In 2015 the Godwin family donated 26 acres of their land to the... Read more
Look around. You will see one bunch of trees together. To some people, these trees looks like one giant tree, but really it is a group of four trees grown close together. These trees were planted by Mr. Godwin himself to show as a sign of s... Read more
We hope you've had a great experience at Godwin Park so far, but it might be time for a rest. Sit down. Take a deep breath. What catches your attention first? Maybe it's the plaque on the bench. Maybe it's the beautiful rows of deep green t... Read more
This bridge was built in 2015, it was given by the Godwin’s. The bridge is over a stream, the height of the stream will be different depending on the season. There are lots of plants and trees around it. Take some time to read the sign b... Read more
These trees were planted by Tom Godwin. This was his favourite thing to do, and he has planted trees all around the property. The trees here are redwood and some seeds even came from the USA. The trees are lined up to make a path, so you ... Read more
Students from Surrey Christian School have built a willow fence along the sides of this stream which, depending on the season, may be dried up. Despite its name, this is not your typical fence. The willows have been planted in a staggered f... Read more
When the Godwin family moved into this area, they built this pond together. This watch place is a great viewing area to have a relaxing chance to sit. If you haven’t yet, take some time to do that now. This pond may look empty but there ... Read more
Look behind the plaque and to the left there is a group of trees, the large one in the middle is the heritage tree. A Heritage tree is a typically large, individual tree with unique value. This tree is the one of tallest in the City of Surr... Read more
The Godwin family planted this orchard in 1969. Here we see three or four trees, and the sign that tells us info about the orchard. Our favorite part is the part that says we can take some fruit; right off the trees that are i... Read more
Come look at this shack that may look old and rustic now, but years ago this building was the Godwin's garage and part of their house.  It was built in the year 1971.  Mrs. Godwin said they used it to keep their tractor, a generator, and ... Read more
Welcome to one of Godwin park's fields! It's a really nice place to look around if you have a chance to stop by. All around you will notice nature. All the giant trees wrapped together, convincing everyone that it looks like a single tree. ... Read more
Look around you carefully and you might see the creek. It is deep in the forest, so it may be hard to spot. You will be able to hear it very clearly if you are quiet, the calming sound of moving water. Coho salmon spawn in this creek once i... Read more
Come look at these two types of maple trees; they are sycamore and sugar maples. As you can see, these trees have signs placed near them. There are a number of these types of signs around the park which mark important and rare species and... Read more
Welcome back to the pond at Godwin Park. This pond is an amazing habitat for fish, birds, and other small animals. You might be surprised to know that this pond was made by the Godwins when they used to own this property. They started const... Read more
Well, that is the end of our tour, but we hope it is not the end of your time in Godwin Farm Biodiversity Preserve. We hope that by walking with us you have got to know more about this special park and its history, but more importantly we h... Read more


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